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Meet Olivier 2

Moving on - survey two for Olivier.

What is your favourite...


Depends on where I am. If I'm home, I love winter for the cooking, and spring because it's finally warm out. If I'm working as a Peer - well winter usually means that I'm staying at someone's house (if not my little town house) and working on paperwork. So I guess winter counts. There's nothing I like better then a hot mug of tea and a chance to put my feet up and relax. I should admit that I'm usually relaxing with paperwork, but still it's better then an unending party.


Good buffets. You have no idea what hell it is to be trapped in a meeting past lunch, and then wearing an uncomfortable outfit with nothing to eat but tiny cookies and little stale sandwhiches.


To eat? Or as company? For company - well, cats remind me of home.


White on black. Stark and simple. Reminds me of the one time I saw Roland with the snow falling in his hair.

Time of day?

I like that time of day right when you're in bed, but not quite up and moving to get going for the day. I suppose that would count as morning, but there's days where I wish it was noon.


I used both long swords and spears in the war. I suppose I prefer spears since I used them more. On a sentimental level - my favorite weapon is a knife that Roland gave me.

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