Rav (corvid) wrote,


This week wasn't the best. Got my first allergy shot on Monday (and promptly got hives on said arm about two days later.) Dad is down with another sinus infection, and I'm just off my antibiotics for my last one.

Grandmother died sometime early in the week, so I'm heading up for the funeral. It's for the best really, since her quality of life was pretty much shot. But - I'm still out of it.

Got my birthday loot, and in it was a DVD of the Second Doctor's episode "Tomb of the Cybermen." I love Doctor Who. Also got a Richard Shindell cd (Reunion Hill) and a Grace Jones cd (Nightclubbing.) Both are nifty.

Richard Shindell sounds like country music without the annoying twang and good lyrics. I've got "Darkness, Darkness" stuck in my head. Grace Jones is - mm - unique. Her song "Libertango" is worth the cost of the cd. Really. Really really.

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