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Kinraven / Dion backrub

Note - this is for the novel universe. I'm just making it public since it's an amusing log.

This is a later snippet with two almost cousins. They're traveling with a group of the Queen's followers to hopefully find a book that could help fix the Queen's sword.

Kinraven is the younger one, and is a sort of hot headed impulsive type. Gwy'Dion is the older one by a year or so, and is much more withdrawn. They've been estranged for a while. Kinraven also has a bad crush on Dion.

This is taken from a rp log between myself and white_aster.

They were still working their way to Karvell's castle. From what Slek said, they were going to spend the night at an inn, and then head through the swampy hills at the northern edge of the city. Kinraven was trying hard to not lose his temper, but the combination of the townspeople staring at Dion. They didn't stare at Kinraven since he had an illusion to look somewhat normal. Plus - there was also Lucian.

Lucian was the Prince of Light, and judging from his frequent rants apparently a high ranking person in the Church of Light. Not that Kinraven cared. Lucian was just a pompous bigoted ass in silly robes. The Queen had tried to keep Kinraven with Dion, which was good. Gea had wanted to go with Dion since she couldn't travel with her brother, and Lucian had thrown a screaming fit until he could go with him.

Seriously, it was like he thought that Mag'Wist ate kids or something.

Now, to be fair, Gea did look young and Mag'Wist were historically known to be vicious fighters. From the sound of it, Lucian had been spoon fed the stories of those evil "demons" and believed every word. So that meant that Lucian was trying to save the "poor little child" and trying to protect himself from the corrupt demons. Though Dion, in Lucian's eyes, was worse since he looked like a Mag'Wist.

There was just something deeply wrong, in Kinraven's eyes, in making Dion hate himself more then he already did. Kinraven could see that hatred in the way that Dion wrapped himself up in his cloak and hid his skin with gloves. He could see it in the way that Dion didn't fight back when someone yelled at him. When Kinraven yelled at him.

Kinraven stopped by the door into their room. Dion was his cousin once or twice removed, but they had grown up together. Kinraven was the brave leaping into action warrior, and Dion was the quiet Seer who protected him.

Dion was sitting on the hotel bed. His cloak hood was pushed back for once showing the sleek dark fur on his face, and the occasional white streaks in his hair. When they were young, Dion was his best friend, and Kinraven had thought that Dion had just abandoned that friendship as they got older. It was only now that Kinraven realized that Dion was trying to protect him, and probably always would. It just made him furious to see Dion go from a quiet voiced talkative child to a practically silent man who hid himself as much as he could.

That was part of the reason why Kinraven hated Lucian so much. Just to see Lucian make another comment about being evil, or the horror of how those demons looked made him annoyed. It was just the tension in Dion's back, and the way he hunched his shoulders that made him furious.

So, Kinraven ended up tripping Lucian. He was still smiling about it.

Dion looked up at him and chuckled softly. "Yes, cousin?"

Kinraven attempted to look innocent. "Hmmm?"

"Did you just trip the Prince of Light?" Dion stretched out on the bed to rummage in his pack for some needle and thread.

Kinraven watched the play of muscles in Dion's back. He shook himself. "Uh...maybe a little."

Dion snagged his mending kit and pulled himself so he's sitting up. He smiled at Kinraven. "I should probably scold you now, shouldn't I?"

"You could."

"True." Dion pulled off one glove, and then the other, and started mending a hole in his right glove. He was markedly failing to scold Kinraven.

Kinraven watched Dion's bare hands, finding himself wondering what the fur on the backs will feel like under his fingertips...or maybe his lips.... No. He shouldn't be thinking about that. Dion would never want him, not to mention the fact that Dion was the King's Seer and should be marrying a nice woman.

Dion was the King's Seer. Kinraven had thought that Dion was betraying the King when he left. It was only when they met again that Kinraven found out that Prince Datura (his prince) had tried to kill Dion. And despite that fact, Dion didn't argue at all when Kinraven had called him a traitor.

Dion tied off the thread and some of his hair falls in his face as he turns the glove in his hands looking for other holes. "What did he say this time?"

"Oh, the usual. Some comment about how demons couldn't be expected to have any respect for the gods. Just because I walked outside at the wrong time and interrupted his three hour sonnet to the dawn or something."

Dion set his gloves aside and pulled his shirt off. "Is it a holiday for him?"

"No clue. He does this every once in awhile."

Dion started mending a hole on his shirt. "I could ask Gea about it."

Kinraven tried to not be too obvious at how he's watching how the muscles in Dion's arms are moving. "Not like I care much." Kinraven walked over to lean against a table.

"Last thing we need is for Slek to walk out at the wrong time. She'd probably gut the Prince."

Kinraven brightened a bit at the idea. "Really? Think she would?"

This earned him a stern stare. "Kinraven, no." The light angle was just right that Kinraven could see the light reflecting in Dion's eyes turning them this bright yellowish green.

Kinraven tried to look innocent. "What?"

Dion finished off his mending, and set the thread and needle aside. "We can't afford for the idiot to die." He stretched and rubbed at his neck.

"Your neck stiff?"

Dion nodded.

"You...want some help with it? It's hard to get the right angle by yourself....." Kinraven shifted a bit on his feet, looking at Dion through his bangs, almost shyly.

Dion eyed the door, and then nodded. "Want me to put my shirt back on? Or lie down?"

Kinraven cleared his throat. "Uh...no shirt's easier. And you could lie down if it'll help you relax...." Oh, shit, how do I do this without straddling him? Not that I don't want to, mind you, but....

Dion moved his gloves and shirt out of the way and then stretched out. He propped his head up with his hands. "This good?"

Kinraven swallowed. "Yeah. That's good." He moved to the bed. "Uh...the easiest way is for me to kneel over you. That ok?"

Dion nodded. "I'm still ticklish though." He paused and Kinraven saw another of his rare smiles. "Though I suppose laughter would unnerve the Prince."

Kinraven could think of some other sounds that would unnerve the Prince. Kinraven told his body to behave, and eased over to kneel over Dion's waist. "I won't tickle you. Promise." He laid his hands on Dion's neck, rubbing at the tense muscles.

His back was warm and Kinraven could feel the tense muscles and skin shifting as Dion got used to his weight. Dion's hands tensed and relaxed in his pillow. "Mm -" It almost looked like he's closed his eyes.

Kinraven bit his lip, trying very, very hard NOT to think about how Kinraven's fursleek skin feels as he digs his thumbs in gently.

Dion almost purred. "Lower? That feels good."

"Sure." Kinraven worked his way along the columns of muscle on either side of Dion's spine, massaging as he goes.

Dion practically moaned as Kinraven unknotted some stiff muscles.

Kinraven gritted his teeth, trying to think about something to distract him from that noise. Moldy bread...or getting his foot stepped on by a laywarch...or the Prince of Light....

Dion muffled another moan with the back of his hand. Considering how often he hunches his shoulders, it was no wonder that he was stiff.

"Relax," Kinraven murmured. "You're too tense. Probably why your shoulders get tied up in knots."

Dion took a deep breath and uncovered his mouth. "Sorry." He made another soft sound as Kinraven brushed his hands against another stiff area.

Kinraven throttled down the insane urge to kiss the soft bit of skin on the back of Dion's neck. Dammit...slogging through wet mud...the time he'd broken his arm in three places.....

Dion shifted a little under him. "I love your hands."

Dammit.... Kinraven tried not to move too much. A shift in the wrong direction, and Dion could know EXACTLY how much he's enjoying this. By all rights, he should knock it off and get off him right now, but.... But. Kinraven cleared his throat. "Feel better?" Hard to believe...my big cousin...turning...beautiful like this....

Dion nodded and his shoulders tensed and relaxed under Kinraven's hands. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. You...you really shouldn't let it get this bad. It's bad for your muscles."

Dion stretched his arms and purred softly. "I should ask you to do this more often. It's just rare that - we have the privacy."

"Yeah. I know. If you need, it, though, to hell with what anyone else thinks."

"It's - not worth getting the Prince upset over . . ." His voice trailed off and then he tried to look over his shoulder. "How's your back?"

"Fine," Kinraven said quickly, nudging him to lie back down. "And it is TOO worth getting him upset over. What if you hurt too much to throw your knife sometime? He can choke on his "proper", for all I care. You're what's important."

Dion shrugged. "It's not propriety - it's -" He sighed. "I don't want you in danger."

"And I don't want YOU in danger. It's not like we're doing anything wrong." No matter how much I want to. No matter how much I want to lay myself against your back and kiss your neck, wrap my arms around you. Keep you safe. Make you happy.

Dion's shoulders tensed. "I'm sorry."

Kinraven paused, wondering if he said something wrong. Not like it'd be the first time. "For what?"

Dion shrugged a little. "I - tried to protect you. I didn't know how to tell you though." He hesitated. "I hurt you."

Kinraven's hands slowed, resting on Dion's back. "Yeah. You did. But I...I understand why now." His thumbs stroked, ever so softly, across Dion's shoulder blades. "It's ok."

Dion's muscles unclenched a little. "I didn't want you to have to be alone."

"Well...there wasn't anything you could do about it, really."

Dion nodded slightly.

"I'm...I'm glad we're back together, Dion. I...I missed you."

Kinraven could feel Dion's muscles relaxing under him. Dion says quietly, "As did I."

Kinraven bit his lip again, his hands going back to massaging Dion's muscles.

Dion automatically tried to muffle another faint little happy sound.

Kinraven kept on doing what he's doing, hoping to hear more of those little noises. There was so much he wanted to say, but...no sense borrowing trouble. Especially when Dion needed to rest.

Dion made another soft moan. "Your hands aren't - mmm - getting tired?"

They were, a little. "Nope."

Dion melted under his touch. "Sometimes I just - wished I could hug you. Silly, isn't it?"

Kinraven was startled from solemn contemplation of the dimples along Dion's spine, and the kissability of said dimples. "Not silly. I felt the same way."

Dion stretched almost like a cat and his shoulder blades curved under his skin almost like wings. "Really?"

"Yes. You were my best friend, Dion. I missed you."

"I wish I could unmake that time." Dion's muscles tensed and then relaxed again under Kinraven's hands.

"Can't, though. No sense worrying about it." Kinraven rubbed his hands up and down Dion's spine. "We'll do better this time."

"Yes." Dion paused and then continued, "I promise you that - I'll protect you from the Queen. No matter what. But this time I won't abandon you."

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