Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kinraven/Dion First Time Part 1

More Kinraven and Dion. And yes, it ends on a psuedo cliff hanger.

You can find more about them here -

Again this is taken from an rp log with the talented white_aster.

Their bedroom had a heavy wooden bed with a makeshift mattress and little more. It was far enough away from the fireplace that it got pretty cold at night, but at least it was private.

Not that it really helped Kinraven's nerves to be sharing a bed with Dion. Especially since Dion, despite all of his nerves, tended to cuddle against warm people at night.

They were in the Queen's childhood home. Dion's former King, Cycrith, was forcing them to fight these - ghosts. Or apparitions. People that Cycrith had killed getting to the throne.

It didn't matter. All that mattered was that Cycrith wanted Dion and Kinraven dead. They had barely won their fight for the day (some faded man that the Queen barely remembered a story about.)

Kinraven stepped inside the door, and muttered "Dammit..." under his breath.

Dion limped in and leaned against the wall heavily. Dion's leg wasn't doing any better. He had bashed it on some rocks while traveling, and if anything it was getting worse. Dion was trying to hide the pain.

Kinraven looked at Dion and said, "Bed's yours. Go have a seat. Get off your knee?"

Dion nodded and limped over to get off his leg. He sat with a sigh, and then patted the bed. After a few more seconds, he softly said, "Sit?"

Kinraven sat down on the bed next to Dion. His own muscles feel stiff and tired. "You want to talk about something?"

Dion leaned against Kinraven. "Cold, mostly." He hesitated and then added, "Do you want to talk?"

"Not about anything in particular. Just wasn't sure why you wanted me to come over." Kinraven wrapped his cloak around both of them.

Dion chuckled and very hesitantly put an arm around Kinraven's waist. "Just - memories." Dion had been almost silent the entire day. Something about being around Cycrith again made him close up and just become quiet. Almost like he was still afraid.

Kinraven wrapped his arms around Dion, for once concerned enough not to notice that he's really really close to his object of affection. "You...want to talk about it? Something bad?"

"I'm afraid." Dion leaned his head against Kinraven's shoulder. Considering how hard it was to get Dion talking to start with - it was no wonder that he sounded almost like he was forcing the words out.

Kinraven said slowly, "There's nothing wrong with that."

"If I hadn't betrayed Cycrith, then he wouldn't be so - determined to kill me."

Kinraven's arms tightened around him. His voice was soft, vehement. "I won't let him kill you."

"I don't want you hurt." Dion nuzzled Kinraven's hair.

"I don't want you hurt, either. I don't know what I'd do if--" he stopped, letting the sentence trail off.

Dion hesitated. "If?" He sounded almost - afraid what Kinraven would say. Or shy.

Kinraven swallowed. "If I lost you."

Dion touched Kinraven's hand lightly. "Thank you."

Kinraven watched Dion's hand over his, and hesitantly stroked a finger over the back of Dion's hand. "It's only the truth. You're...you're very important to me, Dion. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

Dion ducked his head. "Live?" He sounded embarrased. And complimented.


Dion clutched his hand. "No - don't kill yourself over me."

Kinraven squeezed his hand back. "Don't worry about it. It won't happen. Because I'm not going to let you die."

This earned him a light kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." Dion said very very softly, "Some day - I wish you could have a world where you didn't have to wear that illusion and you could feel the sun on your skin."

Kinraven half-shrugged. "Yeah. It'd be nice."

Dion looked down at his hands. It really bothered Kinraven that Dion doesn't...see him very often. He had a niggling in the back of his mind that maybe Dion was ashamed of the way the Mag'Wist look now, that he wouldn't find Kinraven attractive. And he was worried about Dion's knee, and wanted Dion to just rest .... wanted Dion period. Dion shakily touched Kinraven's cheek. "I wish - I could feel your fur again."

Kinraven closed his eyes, concentrated briefly, and sighed in relief when the magic hum fades off his skin. He was so used to it that to not have it there made his skin feel wrong...sensitive and still.

Dion blinked and then took off his glove. He reached out a little. "May I?"

Kinraven nodded. "Please."

Dion touched Kinraven's cheek and smoothed the fur. Dion's own fur was sleek and black like Kinraven's, but in the light you could see subtle differences. One major difference was that Dion had some grey hair, like most Seers. A more subtle one was the brownish cast of Kinraven's fur in comparison to Dion's.

Kinraven leaned into the touch. Gods, he hadn't realized how long it'd been since someone just...touched him.....

Dion smiled faintly.

Kinraven brought his hand up to lay it over Dion's on his cheek. His other hand reached out, hesitantly, towards Dion's face. "May...may I touch you?"

There's a hesitation as Dion looked into Kinraven's eyes, and Kinraven wasn't sure what Dion saw. After a few heartbeats, Dion nodded faintly. He was leaning closer like he was almost anticipating something.

Kinraven brushed his fingertips over Dion's cheek, then, greatly daring, let his palm cup Dion's jaw, his thumb stroking over Dion's cheekbone.

Dion's eyes slowly closed and he relaxes.

Kinraven looked at him, fascinated. Looked at that beloved face, relaxed and almost peaceful, but still with that line of worry between his eyebrows. Let his hand feel the soft, soft fur, and something in his chest tightened, then loosened, and he found himself leaning forward before he even knew what he was doing, only thinking that there might never be a better time...might never be another time at all.....

Kinraven's lips brushed against Dion's softly.

Dion's hand tightened a little on Kinraven's hip and he leaned a little closer.

Kinraven almost shook with relief when he was not only not pushed away, but encouraged.... He kissed Dion again, more firmly this time.

Dion's eyes opened and then closed again. His mouth opened a little under Kinraven's lips.

Kinraven's tongue flickered out to touch Dion's bottom lip, tentative.

Dion made a faint sound and his own tongue mirrored Kinraven's movement. He was warm and sweet and tasted of tea and that soup that Gea liked to make -

Kinraven's hand reached out to wrap around Dion's shoulder as he touched his tongue to Dion's, shyly, tasting him.

Dion shivered and his ungloved hand slid through Kinraven's hair and then stopped at the back of his neck.

Kinraven's moan was soft, needy. He stuggled with his mind to pull himself together, and then pulled back from the kiss just far enough to whisper, "Dion...is this...what you want?"

Dion looked nervous, and then pulled off his other glove so he can touch Kinraven's face. "Touch me?"

Kinraven's hands came up to cup Dion's face. "Tell me...if I do something you don't want? I...I've wanted to do this for a long time."

Dion nuzzled Kinraven's hand. "I - you wanted to touch me?"

"Yeah." Kinraven swallowed. He leaned in, kissing Dion lightly again, a quick touch of lips. "I just...I...I want you."

Dion leaned in to kiss Kinraven. "You don't mind that we are cousins, more or less?"

Kinraven shook his head. "I...I don't care."

Dion touched Kinraven's face. "How long?"

Kinraven kissed the palm of Dion's hand, tongue flickering out to swipe over it shyly. "I...I think...a little after we met again. I realized...why i was so angry at you. I...I loved you so much, and I thought that you were betraying me...." He rushed on. "Not that you were. It was just what I thought, and I was wrong. But...when I knew that you were just protecting me.... I think I fell in love with you." This last was said in a whisper.

Dion shivered. "We're almost the last of the Mag'Wist. ... Try - not to leave me?"

Kinraven made a distressed noise, pulling Dion closer, his hands kneading against Dion's back. "I swear. I'm never losing you again."

"Thank you." Dion wrapped his arms around him tightly.

Kinraven buried his face in Dion's shoulder, breathing in the scent of warm fur.

Dion nuzzled his face again inhaling deeply. "Do - you think it would be too cold if we took our shirts off?"

Kinraven shook his head. "I'll keep you warm." And, amazingly, he managed to say it without a trace of innuendo to it.

Dion tugged at his cloak and manages to half get it off.

Kinraven extricated himself enough that he can get to working on the buttons of Dion's shirt. He paused. "This...this is ok, right?"

Dion nodded. He tucked Kinraven's hair back with one hand. "Makes me feel like I'm young, but it's okay."

Kinraven grinned. "You can help if you like. Don't want you to feel like you're four."

Dion undid one of Kinraven's buttons. He was a little awkward since he was not used to working from this angle. "Or I can work on your shirt." He smiled faintly. "And hope we don't end up tangled like a pastry."

Kinraven leaned in to hesitantly kiss Dion's collarbone. "That's a bad thing?"

Dion made a noise half between pleased and startled. "No - but if someone came in, it would be hard to stand up." He touched Kinraven's cheek again with something like wonder in his eyes.

Kinraven's voice was husky as he got the last button of Dion's shirt undone and slipped his hands along Dion's sides. "No one's going to come in." And if the Prince of Light did come in, he'd kill the sanctimonious twit.

Dion arched his back and splayed a hand on Kinraven's stomach.

Kinraven questioned, "Dion?"

Dion met his eyes. Dion's face was relaxed and focussed on him. There was trust and something like love in his eyes.

Kinraven promptly forgot what he was going to say. What came out was, "I love you."

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