Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kinraven / Dion first time part 2

Warning for sex.

You can find more about them here -

Again this is taken from an rp log with the talented white_aster.

Kinraven could feel the tension in Dion's body as he listened. Then, Dion exhaled slowly and leaned against Kinraven's shoulder. It took another short silence for him to say, "As do I." Dion clenched his hands slightly and whispered, "I wish I could use words easier."

Kinraven stated, "You use them just fine."

Dion shook his head. "I feel like - I have everything - there and I don't know how to get it out and not feel - naked."

Kinraven hurridly tried to reassure him. "I won't hurt you, Dion. Not for the world. I mean...you don't have to be afraid of being naked with me. I mean..." He sighed. "You know what I mean?"

Dion nodded and ran his hand along Kinraven's chest. "I think so." He seemed almost like he was fascinated by Kinraven's muscles.

Kinraven shivered, leaning into the touch. He leaned in for a kiss, whispering against Dion's lips. "I...I want you, Dion. Here. Now. I...I'll go if you want...but...I'm just afraid of losing you...and..."

"You won't scare me away." Dion swallowed and clung to Kinraven. "Don't leave?" He shifted to look at Kinraven's face. "What do you want?"

Kinraven met his eyes. "I want to see you naked. I want to touch you, all of you. I want to make you feel good."

Dion leaned forward for a kiss. "And - can I do the same?"

Kinraven whimpered a bit as he sucked on Dion's lip. "Yes. Lady, yes, please...."

Dion brushed a hand against one of Kinraven's nipples. He was practically trembling, though it's hard to tell why.

Kinraven groaned. He whispered into Dion's neck. "You're shaking. We don't have to do this if you don't want to, Dion...."

Dion chuckled very softly. "I'm afraid to lean closer and find that this is a dream."

Kinraven pressed Dion's hand to his chest. "I'm here. You're not dreaming. I swear."

Dion ran his fingers through Kinraven's fur, and then smiled with a fair amount of wonder in his face. "Sorry - it's just been so long since -"

Kinraven ran his hands under Dion's shirt, over his back, pulling him closer. "Since...? Since you've...been with someone?"

Dion slid out of his shirt. "Since I've touched someone."

Kinraven blinked at him. "Since you've touched anyone? Oh, Dion...." He pulled him into a hug. "You can touch me all you want."

Dion leaned against him and sighed. "Thank you. It was - lonely near the end. Before I went with the Queen." He paused and then added, "I almost forgot what it was like . . ."

Kinraven said, "I'm sorry." He smoothed his fingers down the muscles in Dion's back. "I wish I'd been there. I wouldn't have let you get lonely."

Dion pushed Kinraven's shirt out of the way enough to massage his shoulders. "You weren't talking to me then."

Kinraven ducked his head. "I guess. Only because I didn't know what was going on. I'm sorry."

Dion rubbed the back of Kinraven's neck. "You thought you were right, and so did I."

Kinraven nuzzled against Dion's neck. "Dion? Can we get naked now?"

Dion separated himself from Kinraven enough to work off his boots. "If you want?"

Kinraven inquired, "Do you want to?" He tried to ignore his erection. He was patient. No matter how sexy Dion looked -

Dion dropped his boots to the floor, and added his shirt to the pile. "Yes?"

Kinraven swallowed, and undid his cloak, laying it out on the bed. His eyes were on Dion as he pulled off his shirt and started on his boots.

Dion got out of his pants leaning on the wall to keep weight off his bad leg. He sat again and ducked his head looking vunerable. He was still watching Kinraven though.

Kinraven watched with wide, awed eyes, then remembered to get out of his own clothes, tossing them on the floor.

Dion pushed the blankets over enough that they have room to crawl under them. He held out a hand to Kinraven.

Kinraven took his hand, drawing Dion under the covers.

Dion wrapped an arm around him. "You're - aroused." He sounded almost amazed that Kinraven would be aroused by him.

Kinraven nodded as he buried his head in the fur of Dion's shoulder, his hands running down Dion's sides, along the outside of his thighs. "Yeah. Sexy men do that to me."

Dion was probably blushing, but it's hard to tell with the fur.

Kinraven 's mouth moved over to kiss Dion again, mostly to reassure himself that this was all right with Dion.

Dion snuggled closer, and Kinraven could feel that Dion was aroused as well. "Who's the sexy man?"

Kinraven said, "You, silly." Kinraven ran a hand along Dion's back, over his rear and down his thigh before moving back up again.

Dion moaned and arched into Kinraven's hand.

Kinraven asked, "Dion? Can I...can I touch you?"

Dion slid his hand against Kinraven's thigh. "Please?"

Kinraven arched a bit and one hand moved down to stroke Dion gently.

Dion moaned something incoherent and his eyes fell shut. It has obviously been a while since someone has touched him _there_.

Kinraven entangled the fingers of his free hand with Dion's, leaning his head on Dion's shoulder so he could look up at Dion's face.

Dion brushed his free hand hesitantly against Kinraven's inner thigh.

Kinraven 's legs slid apart, his breath catching a bit. It's been a while since anyone's touched him there, too. Kinraven's hand encircled Dion's erection, pulling steadily, listening to the noises Dion made.

Dion moaned louder and tried to muffle his cries.

Kinraven, rather aware of the people in the next room, leaned up to kiss Dion, drinking in those little moans.

Dion pressed into the kiss with almost desperation. He was arching upward trying to rub against Kinraven's hand.

Kinraven moved faster, tightening his grip, trying to match Dion's movements, the feel and sound and feel of him was enough to make him whimper into the kiss, too, making his other hand steal to his own cock....

Dion slid a hand, brushing against Kinraven's on the way, and touched Kinraven's cock.

Kinraven moaned into Dion's mouth, breaking the kiss just long enough to whisper, "Please...Dion...." before he took Dion's mouth again.

Dion inexpertly mimiced Kinraven's motions. Kinraven was so used to Dion's leather gloves that Dion's hand felt almost odd.

Kinraven moaned quietly.

Dion pulled back enough to moan, "More -"

It was really instinctual. Kinraven gulped, cursed, and slid down, giving Dion one long lick from root to tip before he took him in his mouth.

Dion hit his orgasm with another arch of his back and a muffled scream.

Kinraven's hands ran over Dion's stomach soothingly as he swallowed down every drop, purring in the back of his throat.

Dion slowly relaxed and touched Kinraven's hair.

Kinraven moved up, purring into Dion's shoulder. His hand crept down again, moving over himself.

Dion squirmed against him.

Kinraven moved, rubbing against Dion's thigh, and rumbling deep in his throat. Kinraven whispered, "Yes....love you...love you....ah!" Warm and wet spread between them.

Dion nuzzled Kinraven's hair.

Kinraven relaxed, sighing, then looked down, a bit shamefacedly. "Made a mess. Sorry bout that."

Dion tried to reach his shirt, but can't. He settled for nuzzling Kinraven's hair again. "S'okay."

Kinraven chuckled. "I wonder if the Prince would recognize the smell."

Dion wrinkled his nose. "I'd hit him if he was in our bed."

"I'd KILL him if he was in our bed. But still...makes me wonder if he could tell a "worldly sin" was happening right in the other room." He nuzzled into Dion's shoulder. "I hope so."

Dion snuggled closer.

Kinraven pulled the covers over them, making sure that Dion's well and covered. "Warm?"

Dion shifted his bad leg over a little out of accidently getting hit. He nodded and nuzzled Kinraven's shoulder a little. And surprisingly enough, added, "Yes."

"Good." Kinraven settled down,one arm under his pillow, the other around Dion's waist.

Dion smoothed his fur. "You . . . wanted this for a while?"

"Yeah. Since we met back up and I...I found myself thinking about you." Kinraven whispered shyly, "Thinking about touching you. Kissing you. Making you happy."

Dion hid his face in Kinraven's fur. "I - mostly was thinking that you had gained an inch." He smiled and Kinraven could almost hear mischief in his voice. "In height."

Kinraven shivers. He couldn't believe that this was Dion. In bed with him. Dion was in bed with him - being playful. "You...you weren't thinking of me...like that?" He sounded a bit apprehensive.

Dion wrapped an arm around him. "Not - like that, really. I . . . tried . . . to not think about sex. Or anyone being close."

Kinraven pulled Dion closer. "You must have been lonely."

Dion inhaled the scent of Kinraven's fur. "I was."

"And you...don't mind that it's me? That we're cousins? I didn't...I didn't pressure you into this, did I? You wanted to?"

Dion looked at him. "Kinraven - I - . . . I'm not used to - thinking that I could want something. But - I . . . want you. Close. Cousins or no."

Kinraven ran a hand along Dion's cheek. "I love you."

Dion swallowed, and then whispered, "I love you."

Kinraven ran his hand down Dion's neck and shoulder, petting. "We...we should keep this a secret, shouldn't we?"

Dion purred and shifted under Kinraven's touch. "Lana - would not mind. Lucian would have a fit. Gea and Gil should be fine. Teve - I don't know. Van would probably blurt something about being amazed you had parts in your pants."

Kinraven chuckled at that image.

"Slek - mmm - wouldn't mind. I think Vegran would be - okay with it. The Lak - would probably give you tea and kick Lucian in the shins."

"What about the other Mag'Wist? I...I don't want to cause problems for you once this is all over."

Dion nuzzled Kinraven's ear. "I think I'm going to move away from them. I'm a traitor, in a way."

"Move away? To where?

"Lana wants to live somewhere private. Maybe I'll see if she would mind me taking a house near her. She wants to . . . raise flowers, of all things. And goats."

"Oh." Kinraven ran a hand down Dion's back. "Where do you think you'll go?"

Dion shrugged. "The East is practically empty. Somewhere south enough that the winters aren't too bad. I'd - like to go swimming again someday." Kinraven had a distracting image of naked Dion swimming around like an otter in the water. "Lana says that the curse on the Mag'Wist may vanish when the Prophecy ends. So - we may be able to go anywhere."

"You mean...we'd change?"

"Maybe. She's not sure." He paused. "She's afraid of something."

"You mean other than the obvious?"

"Yes." Dion traced a pattern in the fur of Kinraven's back. "She thinks that the Eastern nobility is holding up the spell that's keeping - us - looking like us. Or at least keeping the children breeding true. If the King and Prince die -"

Kinraven said, "It would be strange. To wake up and not have fur." He kissed Dion's shoulder. "And I like your fur."

Dion ducked his head. "We - might go back to normal. Or the children will. She's - afraid that the alternative is that the spell will finish and we all will die."

Kinraven froze for a second, then took a deep breath. "Oh."

"I . . . she wanted to talk with Vegran first. And see what he knew."

Kinraven held Dion close, burying his head in Dion's shoulder. "Dammit. I just found you and now I may lose you again. At least we'll go together, if that's true...."

"She's pretty sure that we'll live. She . . . found some evidence that the spell was supposed to stop about - the way we are. The only thing that may happen is - some pain." Dion stroked Kinraven's hair. "I - I don't want to lose you."

Kinraven purred at Dion's touch.

Dion hesitated and then repeated the gesture.

Kinraven nuzzled the fur against Dion's collarbone and tilted his head into the touch.

Dion ran his fingers through Kinraven's hair. "You like this?"

Kinraven nodded, and purred some more. "I love you touching me."

Dion kissed his hair. "Thank you."

"Thank you." Kinraven ran his hands up into Dion's hair, letting the strands play over his palms.

Dion closed his eyes. "We'll stay together."

Kinraven nodded. "No matter what."

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