Rav (corvid) wrote,

I'm still here - sorta.

I'm back in Oklahoma after a long trip out west. It's hot and humid here - 107 in the shade a few days ago.

Heading back up to school soon and then I can download a ton of updates for my OS. I'm running something like OS 10.2.4 and the current one is 10.2.6. Bah.

Safari for OS X is cute, but sadly it lacks the nifty 'make me a new tab' button. Other then that, it's no worse then othe other options.

On the writing front, I've been half playing with Yu Gi Oh ( thanks to gingasan ). I'm also playing with this fun harem fic with white_aster. I'll probably be back to posting stuff related to my novel once I'm not melting from the heat.

If anyone is interested, I've got pictures / backgrounds related to the novel stuff. E-mail me if you want to see some of the sketches.

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