Rav (corvid) wrote,

Meet Olivier 3

Tell us about...
Your place of birth.

I was born on the eastern side of Dexia down near the docks. It's a mountainous area. I clambered over craggy black rocks for most of my youth, or followed my dad in my parent's mines. We dig mostly iron ore and coal. I saw a salt mine once though. Weather - well, winter is cold and you get a lot of snow and sleet. Summer is mild and drenched in butterflies.

Your childhood.

It was pretty good. I read a lot, worked a lot, and played a lot. Pretty average really. I guess the war didn't help - but the worst of the fighting wasn't near my parent's town, and we're pretty well defended.

Your parents.

My parents are part of the Ithis family. We're not an old family, but we're rich enough that I got voted into the Peers as a new representative. We're not really royalty. Just people with the guts and determination (and funds) to live out here. I think my parents treat the mine workers well. My dad knows all their families, and they split the profits pretty fairly. I've heard of worse families to work for.

Your siblings

A couple of sisters that are all older then me and married. That's about it. I remember how they would all come down to my parent's house on Winter Fair with the firelight shining in the braids of their hair.

Your (current) home.

Well - you can find me a lot of places. I travel during the party season with the other Peer families. I like spending time in Peer Aragain's house and I enjoy visiting Paltier. I own a little townhouse up in the north, and one down in the City.

Your favourite "hang out".

My city home - it's a little two story town house near a fountain. There's a good pastry shop up the street, and some of the most comfortable chairs I've ever seen. Paltier comes by to visit a lot when I'm there too.

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