Rav (corvid) wrote,

So - last night there was a dance - last night I was flyin'

I was happily chatting with rackhamrose when I heard this wail. I heard the front door bang, and then a bit later, it banged again. My mind went 'enh - that almost sounds like the nado siren. But it's dark - and there's no storm, so it can't be.'

A bit later, my mom looks in my door and tells me there's a whopper of a storm coming, and that, yeah, I need to get offline. I say goodbye to the people I'm chatting with, and logged out. Just when I'm offline, I hear the wind kick up and the thunder start.

Being from Oklahoma, the smartest thing to do after the tornado siren goes off and a storm is coming is to look outside. So my mom and I headed out. It was deadly still except for when the wind kicked up, but it wasn't that sicky green of a tornado. She said that they predicted 70 to 80 mile an hour winds.

About 10 minutes later, the winds were whipping the trees. Less then a half hour later, the power died. My mom and dad crashed, but I couldn't sleep since it was too hot. The radio said that someone measured the wind at 110 miles an hour. I sat with some candles and read a book on the Etruscan language.

The power came back on at about midnight. But still - wow - I said I wanted to see a storm when I was home, but I didn't mean like this -

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