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So - I started playing Dual Orb 2. About five minutes into the game, I decided that the two main characters were idiots. I had the ability to choose names for save files (presumbably as a sort of 'I'm going north to the castle' reminder or a 'This is Tasha's game, touch and die.')

You can imagine what happens from here -

"I'm with stupid" (Shortly after the start of the game after the princeling whines about wanting to go out in the world)

"Stick of Doom" (Blond Priest with mullet has only a wooden stick to fight with. He does 1 hit point of damage. This amuses me for some sick reason.)

"Beware the quiet guy" (I finally managed to buy a sword for priest.)

"My Flute Filled with Power" (My Bard, armed with a flute, was massively more powerful then princeling with spear)

"Clothes Worth Kingdoms" (Went Broke buying a leather suit of armor)

"Stupid And Broke" (Bought more armor)

"To the north" (Finally headed north to the next town)

"Stupid" (My intrepid duo interprets "Staying out of trouble" as "Desecrating a church's holy area")

"Desecration for Fun and Profit" (I find a pool of healing in the church's basement and set to slaughtering enemies)

"Carry Goddess!" (I find the church's Goddess and lug her unconscious body around)

"Home With Stupid" (Getting ready to head back to the castle)

"Kick ass gun" (I discover that Goddess has very powerful gun and bounce with glee.)

"Rosary! Dead king." (King dies making princeling go rather loopy. I can't get the holy rosary thanks to plot contrivance.)

"What was that thing" (I fight a killer laptop)

"Black Drag. Stupid" (Heading to go through the Black Dragon Ruins. Goddess warns Princeling to not go there. He doesn't listen.)

"Black Drag 1" (Just before the boss.)

"New Armor Still Stupid" (Princeling gains Evil Armor. Bard leaves party.)

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that a: the game is not for me and b: I seem to have an odd sense of humor.

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