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Music squee!

I've got a terrible habit of making playlists for characters. Part of this is that I tend to like music to type to, and if I'm writing, I tend to pick music that fits the people I'm writing about.

Part of this is because I was listening to Capercaillie's song "Why Won't You Touch Me?" and talking with white_aster about Kefka from FFIII. Needless to say, the combination of the lyrics and the discussion ended up with me snickering uncontrollably every time I hear the song. Lyrics are linked  here.

Either way, I heard a song while I was in Sante Fe and fell in love with it. It was Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer's "The Mountain." Their website is here, and you can find lyrics. I snagged Tanglewood Tree and Drum Hat Buddha as a late birthday gift.

The music sounds sorta blue grass, folk, and rockish. The earliest cd is a lot more country sounding from the clips, and didn't really sing to me. The two I bought do. They're really good. And I've got a few songs that I'm already going 'eee! This could fit someone!'.

And I'm not just saying that because they've got a song called "I Go Like the Raven." .... Really.

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