Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kage - Outline #4

Can you read?

Sort of. I always find myself searching for the words. I usually read a bit at a time and then just lay the book aside till my mind stops spinning. It's worse with unfamiliar languages.

Can you write?

Williams learned how to write early. I'm not as good as him mostly due to the fact my hand tends to shake when I'm concentrating hard on something. I can't read as well as him, especially if I'm not reading my native tongue. Ditto for writing really.

Can you sing?

I don't like to talk about my voice.

Can you play an instrument?

Not really. I never went much for music. I don't mind hearing people singing, but it always makes me feel like I'm in their way. I associate songs with peace and happiness.

What languages do you speak?

Not as many as I can read. Most of my knowledge is from Williams' studies. So - it's mostly formal older variants, and I know nothing about the actual phonetic sound of the language.

What weapons can you use?

Williams was trained in a fencing sword. My twitchy hand is partly from Yon trying to get my reflexes a little faster. I'm mostly a percision fighter. My height helps a bit to give me an advantage, but I'm nowhere near an accomplished fighter.

I really love swords though. Anything with good steel. Williams used to read the War Tactics series, and I'd listen in fascination to anything about blade craftsmanship.

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