Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kage - Outlines #8

Kage and mornings isn't really that interesting since he's not very much of a morning type. But still -

What time do you wake/get up?

Williams likes to be up at dawn. If I slept well the night before, I tend to prefer to sleep in. Especially if someone is in bed with me.

What's the first thing you do upon waking?

Williams usually stumbles out of bed and eats breakfast.

If I had a nightmare, I usually get up to look out the window. Reminds me that I can see sky.

Are you a morning person?

Not really. Too cold.

What is your typical morning like?

Williams gets up, dashes into the dining room, and eats breakfast. We usually really wake up over tea or something while reading.

Williams is really afraid sometimes that if he doesn't work hard enough, he'll be thrown out of the house. I doubt that, but still he worries.

Do you drink coffee?

With sugar and cream, yeah. Tea's easier to get since the coffee tends to be imported and cruddy. Lothmarians truly think their coffee is good. I think it's because they've eaten far more then their pound of mud in their life.

Do you need coffee?

If I've got tea, no, not really. I . . . do like having something warm to drink in the morning though.

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