Rav (corvid) wrote,

Olivier. #4, #5, #6.

Tada. I live.

#4 - Skills

1. Can you read?

I could read - even before I hit majority. Maybe 10? I would read maps with my dad and mom would read books to us from her shelf of novels. Dad would alway s buy her a new book or two to give to her at Winterfair.

2. Can you write?

I'm practically unreadable, but yeah, I can write. I write reams of paperwork for my job as a Peer.

3. Can you sing?

If drunken ballads with war buddies count, yes. And that's only becuse they can drown out my voice.

4. Can you play an instrument?

Never tried. Maybe I should?

5. What languages do you speak?

I work with a mining town. You get _everybody_ there. I can speak paperworkese, and Mainlander pretty well. I can swe ar in the City dialects and Eastern, but I doubt that really counts.

6. What weapons can you use?

Dad taught me how to use a spear. I mostly fought with spears and pikes in the war. I can handle a sword enough to dissuade dueling, but I'm not comfortabl e using one.


#5 - Secrets

1. Are you good at keeping secrets about yourself?

I try to be. The Peers tend to be at a deadlock in voting, so it's good to keep your cards close to your chest.

2. What is your best kept secret?

I guess it would be that I'm in love with Roland, but I know that several people know that. But if the Church found out - it could be messy.

3. What is your worst kept secret?

My taste for honey. All the maids know to leave it out for me.

4. Are you good at keeping secre ts about others?

Yes. I try to be an honorable man. And trust is a very good thing to have in politics.

5. What secret about someone else have you kept and wished you hadn't?

I . . . don't know. Maybe the fact that Peer Evanheart's kid was so sad while he was at Peer Iglesias. Then again, that entire mess with Williams Evanheart was - a nightmare.

6. What secret about someone else have you not kept and wish you had?

I . . . don't remember.


#6 - Sex

1. Are you a virgin?


2. Do you mate for life?

Depends on what you mean. I want to stay with Roland as long as he's alive, but if he dies, I probably would be able to find someone else.

3. Who was your first lover?

Thorvald. Young Ni'Ruskan visiting the mining town. I'm not sure what happ ened to him. He's probably married.

4. Who is your current lover?

Roland Paltier. Got a problem with that?

5. What is your favourite sexual position?

*blushes* Roland is one of those people with really sensative skin. So I'm usually on top just becaus e I can get him melting into a moaning boneless heap easier.

6. What are your kinks?

*blushes* Um.
We had sex on a fur rug during the war?
Roland kind of likes getting tied up? Nothing heavy - mind you, but - um.

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