Rav (corvid) wrote,

Rambling -

I've got this weird fascination with ancient Genesis rpgs.

Then again, it could just be a weird fondness for the clunkiness of certain games. I played Techmo's Secret of the Stars for the dialouge and the characters.

For a while there, I was hunting all games by Renovation. They're the ones that published Valis in America. I was reminded a few days ago about Exile. Exile's one of those bizarre games that isn't particularly good but is also just interesting enough that you keep poking at it.

For example, the title screen is still mostly in Japanese. The items to heal your main character include awkward sounding things like 'convalescents' and 'heart poison' - I vaugely remember something like a 'iko do' or something like that for curing magic points. It feels a lot like the game is just barely translated.

The dialouge is awkward, but surprisingly wordy. You regularly get six line dialouge (in a small blocky text) from people in towns. The plot, as I remember, has tons of references to various Buddhist things such as mandalas and the like. I remember thinking that the game was something rather shadily imported just due to all the blood in the game and the bare minimum of English.

The ending, as I remember, was incoherent. I'm half tempted to replay it just to see the ending again.

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