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Rambling, the Return

Read Daniel Deronda for class. Preferred Middlemarch.

I think I'm sick again. Damned allergies. It's bitterly cold up here and snowy, so my lungs aren't happy. Pretty snow though.

Finished Exile. The ending was as crazy as I remembered. It looks like they preserved the 'sama' titles for various people near the end. There's a festival to Vakkasu-sama that looks suspiciously like Bacchus (I think the English version's censored as well. Hmm. Must investigate this.) Game also has corrupt monks in Kyoto. This amuses me.

The music for Exile is wonderful. I've forgotten how nifty it is. Pity it's so obscure, since I doubt there's any remixes for it.

I'm knitting again - it's a scarf out of fluffy baby yarn (white, pink, purple, and blue). It's up to two hand lengths. Not sure if I've got enough yarn.

Bah. Off to rest.

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