Rav (corvid) wrote,

Random character babble -


This is a character that I created to play with rackhamrose. She doesn't really have a plot yet, but she's got an interesting thief, Sukie, to talk to.

Appearence :
Rosa is a young woman of fairly decent social standing. Her parents probably aren't noble, but they definitly have money and at least some political clout. Her hair is thick and wildly curly and she tends to have it pulled back into a thick messy braid. Due to said hair, she tends to play with tendrils of her hair. Her general body shape tends toward thin and unearthly. She's the sort of woman who one would use as a model for sketches of fairies.

She first meets Sukie in a filmy nightgown. Most of Rosa's clothes tend toward very feminine lacy bits of silk and ribbon. She does own a decent dress for riding, and some plain dresses for travelling. Hidden in the back of her closet is a pair of real sturdy boots. The maids polish them for her, and don't ask questions about why she has them.

Rosa's primarily attracted to women. She finds most men to be boring at best, and amusing little boys in tights at worst.

Rosa, like almost any young sheltered woman, is interested in things that are different but not too unpleasant. She is not the sort of woman to go running out on while adventures mostly because she doesn't own a decent pair of clothes to change into and her shoes would be utterly useless. Rosa isn't the sort of person to lord her money or her rank over people, but she is fairly oblivious to how bad the poorer parts of the City is.

Rosa is fond of chocolates, and tends to hide them from her siblings. She also knows very basic self defense skills.

I'm tempted to say that Rosa is living in a Venice like city full of labyrinthian politics. She could get involved in things through Sukie, and things could progress from there. Rosa would make a good spy to infiltrate upper class affairs, but she does not have the knowledge to pass for someone of the lower classes.

In other news, the house we're building in New Mexico is getting bigger. Life is busy.

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