Rav (corvid) wrote,

Another Day Older and -

I got a lovely package from Aster for my birthday, nifty manga and soap. ^_^

I need to go send her my stuff too. Probably will be back home in Oklahoma come Friday, and then I can send stuff off in peace. A certain someone might get cookies in the process, barring disaster.

On the new house, a plaster / stucco contracter upped bid without warning by 2,500$ and said that he'd take 2 weeks to start. Messy. Parents switched contracters.

I knitted a glove in Noro Silk garden. Not that hard, actually. Need to do the second glove still. Lovely yarn.

We've been having huge storms last two nights. Huge clouds building up over the mountains and off toward where the house site is. Lovely clouds and lightning.

I just need life to slow down so I can catch up on writing / games / whatever. However, today we pulled the wire for the main house from the garage to the house through a pipe. This required . . . wire lube.

Yes, I'm still giggling about that.

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