Rav (corvid) wrote,

Draft - Card Universe - Ace of Clubs

Montague Orchard was born in a small cheap apartment in the poorer and lower parts of town. He spent most of his youth running in a small neighborhood gang. They got in fistfights with other kids and watched the bigger gangs shoot each other.

The only way out of being poor and stuck in the lower town was to join the army. So - he joined the army. He wasn't a particularly notable soldier save that he was an excellent shot.

His commander was Damien Montechristeu. Damien was one of those guys who could make people love him through a terrible pun and a well timed candy bar. Montague, like most of the rest of the troops, loved Damien. Montague had been serving under Damien for about a year when Damien was orderd to shift the troops to a new post. They were to guard an embassy in some hot, dry, dusty country.

In an attack, a nerve destroying gun was used by the enemy. The blast killed a man in front of Montague, destroyed Montague's left arm's nerves, and then hit Damien in the knee.

When Montague woke up in the hospital, Damien wasn't there, and no one would tell him anything save that Damien was arrested for questioning.

Montague was given an honorable discharge, and went back home with his pension check and a numb arm.

He still didn't know where Damien was.

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