Rav (corvid) wrote,

Draft - Card Universe - The Joker

Damien Montechristeu was from an upper-class family of military officers. For the ast few centuries, that was what was expected of every man in the family: join the army and spend the next thirty years leading a regiment. Unsuprisingly, as soon as he was of age, Damien joined the army, promptly became a captain, and did well in that job.

He did well not because of military talent, but because of a certian raw cunning combined with the fact that his men adored him. His last post in the army was defending a small dusty embassy. His troops were also working with the local government to fight off a small insurgency, but mostly they sat in the shade and watched the sun beat down on the dirt.

Things slowly grew more unstable and more troops were sent to the area. Among the troops was a Lieutenant named Hector Gantelet. Hector was someone that Damien had known from childhood. They weren't good friends, but they had mutual friends. Hector was madly in love (or lust) with Yvette. Damien's parents wanted Damien to marry her. Damien and Yvette weren't interested in each other or Hector.

Damien found Hector to be annoying mostly due to their childhood bickering as well as the fact that Hector could not deal well with lower class soldiers. He was soon distracted from his annoyance when a skirmish resulted in the nerves in his knee being damaged.

Shortly after this skirmish, Damien was arrested for treason. He was in prison for a year and a month.

When he left, he was a different man.

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