Rav (corvid) wrote,

Draft - Card Universe - Ace of Spades

Not a really central character, and not a very filled in one. Last name is a terrible pun. It's a 1520's ish French surname meaning 'one-eyed.'

Sibyl la Bornieta was a friend of the Queen of Spades prior to joining the cards. She specializes in managing websites and tracking server usage.

When she was in her late teens, Sibyl caught a bad fever. At the time, there was an outbreak of a nasty fever in her area, and she was lucky to live. After she recovered from her fever, Sibyl's vision began to worsen.

Due to this fact, Sibyl is basically blind. She has the ability to differentiate between light areas and dark areas, and a limited ability to distinguish shapes and colors. All of her online work is dependent on speech software and other devices.

Sibyl's skill with computers and her ability to write conscise but clear articles resulted in her post as the Ace of Spades. She's one of the youngest of the Aces. Due to her youth and her disability, the other Aces are protective of Sibyl (sometimes more protective then she likes.)

After Sibyl joined the Cards, Yvette convinced her to get medical testing. As best as could be determined, Sibyl had a genetic predisposition to losing her vision, but the fever accelerated the process.

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