Rav (corvid) wrote,

Draft - Card Universe - Ace of Diamonds

Yvette Moreau's father imported and exported goods for a living. She remembered going to sleep in one country and waking up in another. Her heart was weak, and her parents were terrified of her having some sort of heart failure.

When she was young, she helped plant the first plants in the greenspace project. There was photos of her bundled in a fashionable coat grinning and holding a dripping water lily. The project was meant to supply water plants in an area of the city to purify the water. The richer parts of town used the greenspaces as places for restaurants and fine dining.

In the lower parts of town, the plants died, and the prostitutes and drug dealers bickered over the territory. The Moreau's were some of the few families who tried to keep the lower town greenspaces growing.

Yvette was known for slumming in the lower town, partially because her family would find craftspeople in the lower town to form business alliances with and partially because she liked it there. She was a striking figure with her darker skin and pale hair, and people noticed her.

Muggers quickly learned that Yvette knew how to use a knife.

In school, Yvette dabbled in martial arts, foriegn languages, and programming. She wasn't great at anything save for research, but she had a broad depth of knowledge. She would write her childhood friend, Damien Montechristeu, about her discoveries. He'd reply with funny stories about the army.

Through Damien, she met Montague Orchard. She thought Montague was a painfully shy man with an amazing skill with a gun.

When Damien was arrested for treason, she was confused and angry.

When Damien was released, she was ready to start the Cards.

At the start, she would just write something in her distinctive handwriting on a card as an identifying mark. They used Signature cigarette cards typically since they were free. Damien would always snag the Joker. She started to take the Ace of Diamonds since it reminded her of her knives.

Later, she noticed the irony in the fact that Damien was arrested for thirteen months on the charge of treason. Now, Damien and the thirteen types of cards were treasonous.

She was the second card, after the Joker. She was the Ace of Diamonds.

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