Rav (corvid) wrote,

Oh why not -

On the real life front, the new house has walls and the start of interior plaster. We have the cabinets (which are lovely and _huge_ - I keep forgetting how big eight feet tall cabinets look) for the kitchen.

On the gaming front, I finished Shining Force I. AI in the game is amazingly dim, but I actually ended up liking the broad choice in characters. I've been playing a ton of Kangband and T.O.M.E. mostly because it's available. I should post about my progress in Last Bible 3 some day.

As for knitting, I've got a pair of fustration socks (i.e. as long as they're sock shaped and I'm less stressed, they're good) in TLC Luster - it's a pretty shade of darkish rainbow colors. Also doing a tube sock in Wool-ease with a simple spiral rib. I'm also trying for a scarf that requires more knowledge then I presently have - basically a white scarf with a red diamond at the end of it. Present method is just to knit some white triangles and seam the red diamond to them to make a square edge for the rest of the scarf. With luck, it'll look good. If not, I'll just try another method. I can do fair isle stranding (i.e. carry the other color over the back of the yarn, but that results in a scarf that's only good on one side. Intarasia (i.e. don't carry the color and just switch yarns entirely) hates me with the passion of a thousand suns. Rar.

I practically never do memes, but for the fun of it - comment here to hear what I honestly think of you, or for a small drabble. I write X 1999, random rpgs, Valis, some GetBackers, and original characters. No promises on length or quality, but hey, it's worth a try, right?

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