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Games and Voices - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Games and Voices [Jan. 20th, 2003|07:32 pm]
[Current Music |"Undertow" Suzanne Vega]

Vacation was pleasant, though the doctors say that I may have to go to some allergy specialists. Basically, I've got a sinus infection that will not die. Which brings up images of zombies waltzing through those idyllic fields of the Clariten ads.

Yes, I'm still tired from driving up here. 10 hour drives are not fun.

I played up to Deva Yuga in Persona 1. The voices were surprisingly not as annoying as I feared they would be. Mary is the most amusing for me simply because of how the voice clips were programmed.

Basically, there's a set of clips ranging from 'inarticulate grunting that might be persona' to 'take this' that play when you summon your persona. There's some that are specific to certain special personas, and the rest are used pretty randomly.

Mary was my healer in the party. One of her persona summoning chants was "You're dead!"

And she used it, about five times in a row, while casting healing spells on my party.

I know Mary's supposed to be unstable, but . . . I don't think they meant her to be that sociopathic.