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Idea no Hi - Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the SNES game Idea no Hi. Since I read absolutely no Japanese, I cannot promise anything with this, but it will get you into the game.

I'm basing a lot of what I'm doing from a Babelfished copy of the page linked below:


start - menu
'A' - confirms input
'B' - backs out
'X' - calls up menu
'R' - run (cannot be used when at critical health)

The first option you get is the text speed. One is the fastest and seven is the slowest.

The second menu is your name. I usually enter all numbers so I can recognize when my name pops up. The multi letter things in the lower right corner are the delete letter, and accept this name options. Top one is delete letter, bottom one is accept name.

Then the game begins. The scene opens to a green haired kid strapped to some sort of device, and a manniquin type object in front of him. That's your character. To the right is a white-haired scientist (name is kanji character, and then a plus sign like kanji) and a red haired scientist (name is a kanji with a stacked block like structure, and a kanji with a vertical line and three horizantal dashes through it.) They are giving your character electric shocks intent on unleashing this psi power - in this case, your character sets the manniquin on fire, and white haired scientist is thrilled.

In his delight, white haired scientist turns the electric current on constantly, and babbles something about 4 and a Dr. With a laugh, he turns the current higher - from this, one can assume that these scientists are slightly unbalanced. Your character screams - pauses, and then sets the machine controlling the current on fire. The red haired scientist interrupts the white-haired scientist. The white-haired scientist turns off the machine, and says your name and some other stuff.

The scene changes to a barren, but surprisingly spacious cell. In it, there is a dog (name is two letters with a curvey line and a dot over it - translates to something like Pess or Pesu,) a table, a chair, and a bed. You talk with your dog. Again there is the mention of the number 4, and a word in yellow. Your character seems to be very depressed, and the dog goes over to offer support. Your character says the dog's name, and a question. The dog barks.

The scene changes back to the torture room. There is a new character, namely a white haired doctor in what looks like a dress. Add him to your list of people to murder. His name is Dr. symbol of a cross with slanty lines on either side, and a dash. He seems to be perfectly calm about tying some kid up and torturing them. Little does he know -

The white-haired scientist calls out to you, and it is revealed that the dog is strapped to the machine as well. You call out the dog's name and struggle to get free. The doctor asks a question. White-haired scientist blathers something about your name - probably that you are more impressive when you're angry. The Doctor chuckles and doesn't object. Your character struggles and protests. The white-haired scientist calls out, and the red haired scientist moves to a different bank of controls in the same room as you. I'd sooner not be working nearby an angry pyrotechnic, but I'm not an insane scientist. Red-haired scientist electrocutes your dog.

You call out the name of your dog, and then spell out a word very slowly - There is an explosion, and the white-haired scientist creeps toward the door sounding startled and confused. The doctor is also confused. The controls that would electrocute you burst in flames. The white-haired scientist says your name, and the dog's name. This fails to pacify you. The doctor yells. Doctor, and red-haired scientist flees. White-haired scientist says something, and the room turns yellow with explosions. The scientist falls over, and you are free to stagger over to weep over your dog. Then you walk over to the white haired scientist. He blathers at you, and spells out a word. You repeat it in confusion, and then are free to move.

Time to look you over.

Press X to bring up menu. The first option is your inventory, which is no use since you've got nothing but the clothes on your back. The top right option is equipment. Press 'A' twice to look at yourself. You're wearing a charming hospital gown, guarnteed to make you stand out in a crowd. 'B' will get you out of the screen. 'R' makes you run, but also can hurt you - so it's not advised.

Instead of following the little cowards, we'll take the left door. Go up and around the 'L' shaped hallway to open the closed door. Here's your cell. Nothing interesting. Go south to open the other door. Here there is a tiny bedroom smaller even then your cell. Inside is two safes. Open them to get two healing items. Call up your menu, select the first option, and then the first option. This will show you that you have two healing items. The description block tells you that these will heal you for 200 hit points. No point in using them. Go up the stairs.

There is an unopenable door, and then two doors at the top of the hallway. These lead to controlls that you can't play with. Circle around to the other side and down the stairs, ignoring the other locked door. Go into the room, and check the left side of the bookcase for 10 bits of money. Left side of the chest of drawers nets you another healing item, and the left safe gives you a weapon capable of hitting for 8 (name is hataki - a rough translation may be feather duster.) You can check this in the menu. Right hand safe gives you fifty bits of money. The other door is locked, and the top of the hallway takes you back to the torture room. Let's get out of here. Go up the stairs, and out the top middle door.

You get a cinema of you looking at the waves and a sunset. You blather for a while. The number 10 pops up, perhaps your age. Boom. You're on the world map. There's a road, and a little cabin to your left. Cabin leads you to a saving spot. Use it if you have to. Else, follow the road down and right to the town. Inside of the town, you'll find five important spots. First of all, to the left of you when you walk in, is the saving house. The middle old man lets you save. To the right is the inn. Let's interrogate the civilians. Remember - the town changes at night, so what you see may vary.

The kid running around spouts off something with yellow text - I'll assume it's the town name. Talk to everyone you see. Let's go in the inn. A woman with a red shirt blathers about a three letter thing in yellow. The person in blue behind the counter is the innkeeper. Leave them be unless you're hurt. Old man on the first floor talks about a kanji thing in yellow. The man on the second floor talks about a single character of kanji in yellow.

Leaving the inn and heading north, you find a woman that talks about what might be the thing the white-haired scientist said. She seems very excited about it. To the left is the hospital - it'll cure you of poisoning such as the poisoning you get from the spikes in the cave north of here. A doctor in front brags about this ability.


Walk in, and talk to the man in the doctor’s coat - the women in pink are no help. The first option is raising from the dead (I’m guessing here,) and the second is curing poison. It costs 10M to cure poison.

The house that’s in between the next block and the doctor’s office has a 200 hit point healing item in one of the furniture. The northenmost block’s house near the zombie cure woman’s yard has a necklace of some sort (it looks like a string of pink beads) and an item that you can use on yourself. The description of it is a mass of kanji, and it doesn’t seem to have any obvious use.

To the right is the sacred grail - the department store. Go in, and talk to the woman to the right of the elevator doors. Ignore the other women - they just recite what the floors have, and I'm doing that - First option for elevator girl is yes, second is no.


1st - entrance
2nd - clothes - purple beanie 60, white tanktop 25, underwear 20, jeans 100, sneakers 30
3rd - weapons - one enemy 30, multi enemy 100
4th - items - 200 heal 10, 500 heal 25, poison cure 20
5th - weird junk - shield 120, enemy hurting item 10

For now, choose 3rd, buy the first item by picking your favorite lady, and clicking 'A' till you run out of menus. No need to equip the weapon. If you want the laughs, buy the underwear for 20 M, and then wear it on your head. Look ahead to your next shopping trip to see how. If you have the money, buy more 200 heal items, but for now you should be good. We're saving up for pants and the beanie hat. The shield is next to useless - it can absorb damage if you use it in battle, but the enemies here make the cost not worth the benefits.

On the fifth floor, a man talks about something in blue with a weird face like kanji. I think he's talking about the zombie cure woman, who we'll discuss later.

Let's leave. To the right of the department store is the item shop with a nice little pendent you can buy, but we don't have the cash. To the left side of the DP, there is a machine. I think it’s a healing item dispensor. The woman in front of the item store talks about the inn that makes you in her words 'OK'.

The next block has a crazy grandma who talks about the Zombie Cure woman who's only there at night. To the right of crazy grandma is an old man who is very excited about something in yellow. See that plus sign in the park/garden area? That's where you'll find the zombie cure woman.


First option is yes, second is no, third leads her off to babble at you for a while. Hit yes, and then your name so she knows it’s you that you want cured. It will cost 20M. She’s only present at night.

Let's leave town.

We can travel south to an abandoned apartment, or north to a cave. We're too weak for the cave so let's totter around outside the town. As you totter around, you'll hear little tweet sounds. That's the time passing, and it will soon be night. Don't worry about it.


You'll have your character face (changes dependent on health status), health, and magic points in the lower left corner. In the middle, there is the enemy. Click the left hand option. This will bring up a menu. It starts on your item screen. See your healing items? Pick the item with a number in the left side in the description box - if you've shopped you should have an item with a 15. That's how you attack with an item. Numbers in the middle are defensive.

Your face and you -

If your face is blue, you’ve been poisoned. Outside of battle and outside of towns, the screen will flash red as you walk and you’ll be damaged approx. 2 hitpoints a step. Go to the doctor, or take the poison cure.

If your eyes are white, and the background is red and swirly, you’re zombified. You need to talk to the Zombie Cure Woman. Nasty little status ailment. You can’t heal using magic or items. Your strength plummets - I could hit most monsters in the cave for about 40, and when zombied, I could hit for 8.

If your background is red and yellow and swirling, you need to go to the doctor's office and you can cure it.

If your face is grey and darkened, you're dead.

Magic -

Press left of your item screen to see the magic.
The 10 point magic is your fire, and the 6 point spell that selects you is cure.
With you so weak, the sandy mummy like figures are good canidates for spells.

When you're down to about 40 hit points, go back into town, and go into the inn. Pick the first option to sleep the whole night for the price of 10M. If you've got the money (I have 68M profit from my night of fighting,) go to the department store and buy. Ideally, you want the 100M weapon from the 3rd floor before you take on the apartments to the south. I'm buying the beanie since it's protection. To equip it, pick the top right option in the menu when you pause, and then pick it again to open up your clothes.


The options are, head, neck, shirt, coat, underwear, pants, wrist, shoes. We have nothing on our head, so pick the first option to wear something, and then click head. You should see something you can wear - namely, the hat. If you bought undies, they'll be there too.

The second option is taking off clothes. You can’t take off his underwear, and he'll whine if you don't have room in your inventory to remove more clothing.

Let's go outside to get money for some pants and a better weapon. When you get in battle, you can see that he's wearing the purple beanie. Sadly, the underwear does not show in battle.

If you're brave, head south into the apartment complex. Enemies here are shown as black gremlin like things with bright eyes. First floor right hand door is a healing item. Second floor is an ambush. Left hand side has a enemy hurting item in the chest of drawers, and another healing item in the chest. Third floor is pointless, so head up to fourth. Left hand side has an ambush, and a curiously spastic enemy in a room with 50M. Continuing through the left hand staircase, the left hand door leads to an enemy, and a 200 attack item that seems to be dynamite like. And one use only.

Heading down the left tower, there is nothing on the third or second floors. On the first, left hand side is an ambush, an enemy in a room and a pendent. Equip it. Climb back up to the fourth floor, and head right. Past the middle tower, there is more enemies. On the third floor right hand tower, the left hand door leads to a healing item. Second floor right hand door, leads to an ambush, and through the door an enemy attacks you in the hallway and another attacks when you open the door. A sickly piccolo plays when you get the item from the chest. This item is marked with ??? in your inventory. Continue down the stairs till you can exit, and then leave by the southern gap in the wall.

Head back to town. For me, this trip netted a total of 233M. That's enough to buy a multi enemy weapon for 100M from the 3rd floor shop, and a 100M pair of jeans (marked with a G in the name) from the 2nd floor. If you bought the jeans, the third up from the bottom option in the clothing menu is the present pair of pants. The second option in the selection menu at the top is remove, and the first is put on. For amusement, take off the big hospital gown, and see that the kid looks amusingly geekish in his pants. If you're curious, the pendent that you found down in the apartment complex is the same as the one for sale in the item shop (marked by the large pots on the signs.)

Next up - the cave. For the cave, you probably want at least 5 curing items to heal poison damage. You also want at least two poison cures because you can easily mistep and poison yourself and the only way to get all the chests is to get poisoned. To light the cave, you need a flashlight. To get it, give the ??? weapon from the ruins to the man on the second floor of the inn. He will give you an item with a kanji in the name that looks rather like a face. Use it when inside the cave for light. At some point in here you also get a key to access the lab. Use this key to open the locked doors, and you'll get a stylish grey hospital gown set.

Quick hints - there's two chests to the south middle area, and two in the north. The northern end of the cave has spikes that are poisoned. The wasp cocoon like creatures can zombifie you. There is a ??? item in the northern area.

If you don't have the flashlight, I'll give you steps and a general idea how to get through the cave. From the entrance, take 8 steps right, 6 steps up, 6 to the right, and then down till you can barely see something blue to your left. Open this chest for 50M. You are now in a small pocket of a cavern to the right of the entrance.

Now, take 5 steps to the north, 6 steps to the right, and then down till you can't walk any farther. You should be standing in front of a chest. Open it. I think the content is two poison cures. This is the second southern pocket. Now for the northern chests.

From the second chest, go up till you can’t go any farther, and then right till you hit a wall. Go north again till you hit a wall. Go 9 steps to the left (you can go 10, but there’s spikes in front of you. Go up 1 step. Walk left till you hit a wall. 4 steps down (there’s spikes in front of you,) 4 steps to the left. Go up till you hit a wall, and then walk right till you stop. There should be a chest in front of you.

The second chest is _impossible_ to get without poisoning yourself. From the first northern chest, go left till you hit the wall and then 6 steps down. Walk left till you hit a wall - you should be obscured by an overhang. Go up till you hit a wall, and then left. Now - here’s where it gets messy. You want at least 120 or so hit points to survive this nicely. Go north (over two patches of spikes) till you hit the wall, and then right (passing under a hidden passage way.) If you have the poison cures to spare, heal yourself. Open the chest (it’s a small room, so it should be easy to find.) You should hear the piccolo of doom, and then get a ??? item. Left, down (over the spikes) until you can go to the right. Cure your poisoning, and heal yourself. There’s usually one more enemy wandering up near the top of the screen here.

Go 3 steps to the right, 6 steps up and into a wall, 5 right into a wall, up into a wall, right into a wall, and then up till you hit the wall. Right till you hit the wall. Down one step, and then right 4 steps. Go up to exit.

3 down, 9 left, 2 down, 6 left (keep going a little farther, you should be facing a wall,) 3 down, 4 left (keep going left, you should be facing a wall and another wall should be above you,) 6 down, 2 right, 1 down, 5 right, 1 down, 4 right, 5 up (wall above you,) 5 right (wall to the right, spikes above you,) 2 down, right until you hit a wall - about 11 steps, down until you hit a wall, left until you hit a wall (don’t go up at this point, you’ve got spikes above you,) down till you hit a wall, left till you hit a wall, up a few steps till you hit a wall, then left till you hit a wall (don’t go up, spikes above you,) down till you exit

Welcome to the second town.

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