Rav (corvid) wrote,

Idea no Hi Walkthrough, Part 2

First off, visit the inn if you need to, and then let’s go shopping.


1st floor - entrance
2nd floor - purple beanie 60M, white headband 50M, red motorcycle jacket 130M, [unknown] 40M, jeans 100M, wristbands 25M
3rd floor -
4th floor -
5th floor

After your shopping and equipping, walk around the town. There is a lot of conversations about something with the number ‘1’ in it, and a white hedgehog like creature in the northern part of town. If you talk to the hedghog, it seems to be asleep.

Now, we have two choies. We can rob a farmer, or we can spend some money. If you choose to rob the farmer, leave town, and walk to the right and down. You’ll find a small farm. There is a locked building, a central building with an item with a ??? description, and a stable. In the stable, there is a worried farmer, and a red horse creature that seems to be ill. Take the ??? item and leave. Do _not_ try to use this ??? item on yourself, because it will be consumed, and do no good. Remember to talk to the horse and farmer so that you know that the horse is ill.

The alternative is to purchase the same item from the department store. Either way, take this item, and go to the hedghog. Open the item screen, and choose the first option, ‘use’ the item. The hedgehog will wake up. You’ll now have the same options you have with the Zombie Cure woman. Pick the first (yes) to get the hedgehog to join your party. You then get to name it.

The hedgehog cannot be equipped, and cannot have an inventory. It does fight in battle and is a good fighter.

Now, we need to cure the horse at the farmhouse. To do this, return to the first town and talk to the doctor running in front of the first aid office. Then travel back to the horse. Once the horse is healed, you can jump the barrier to go north.

[I didn't take notes here, however, what you do is something like this. First, you switch characters and are now a rather scary looking young woman. Take this young woman and chat with the other students. There is a house near the middle of town which seems to be her home. An older woman outside the home (older sister, I believe) gives the young girl a key to the house. Go inside, and get a bow. The bow is your main weapon. Be careful outside since the monsters are quite strong.

Now, in the north end of town, there is a factory full of ghosts. You cannot beat them, but you can hide in the lockers. Run up to a locker, "talk" to it, and then talk to it again to leave it. You will find some explosives.

There is a cave near town, as I remember, which you need to use the explosives while inside it. At sometime during this, you will gain a piece of armor. This is a white bow, which you can wear. Inside the cave, you will find a rabid dog. Shoot at it, and your sister will come to help. She dies.

Return home, and then a pudgy clown like man accosts you. You're tossed into some sort of pit and the pendulum setup.

Now, you are the male character again. Go westward to a lab, and travel quickly upward to save the girl. You will go into a boss battle. Totter onward.]

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