Rav (corvid) wrote,

Idea no Hi Walkthrough, Part 3

Now, you have a small shed to the north of a tiny village. (The village plays the same music as the farmer's ranch.) To the west of the village is a larger town.

Inside of the shed is a Jellyfish like thing which talks to you at great length. You gain the three choices you get with the Zombie Cure woman. Select yes to go into a boss battle. You cannot win this, so pick option two to run.

Go to the larger town and hit the department store.

2F: Red bow 60M, Red headband 50M, White long blouse 100M, Red motorcycle jacket 130M, silly yellow sweater 160M, [shield?] 40M, blue jeans 100M, White wristbands 25M, blue tennis shoes 35M
3F: Weapon, Bow, Arrows

Buy a pair of blue shoes, a red headband, and the silly yellow sweater for the hero. The heroine can use the white blouse and the red bow.

Now, go to the cave to the south, and use the flashlight so you can see.

Go right, fighting an enemy, and open the chest in the corner to get a healing item. Now, go north, and fight another enemy (which probably is a disturbing outline of a girl holding her rump.) At the intersection, go west and north again to find two more enemies. At the top, there's a chest. Now go down, right, up and right again to find a pair of stairs going downward.

Go right, fight an enemy, and then head downward. The heroine calls out to the hero, and an enemy runs up to fight you. The heroine will repeat her spiel if you walk past the area again. Turn to the western wall and walk into a secret passage way. The heroine babbles again. Get the contents of the chest, and then leave via the same passageway. Go north and to the right to get another chest.

Now, go back down the middle passageway, and work your way to the end. While partially hidden by the overhang of the wall, walk back and forth on the southern end of the room until the heroine speaks. Now, go south into the wall, to the right, and then up and to the right to come out in a new room. Go down the stairs to the right.

In the upper part of this room is a chest. From the left side of the chest, head straight down to set of the heroine again. Go down, and then to the left. When you can go no farther left, go down, and to the right to leave. In this room, head straight to the right hand wall, and go up and down until the heroine burbles. Now, go right, up, and right to leave. Now, go up to get the chest, and then go to the bottom part of this room to find the next secret passage.

From here, go down, right, up, right, up, left, and up to leave. Follow the curved room to the upper left corner, and then enter yet another secret passage. Go straight to the left to find a pair of stairs going down. You'll find a passage that curves to the left and up, and then a door. Inside the room, talk to the monster to enter a fight with a strange grasshopper / old woman monster. The chest that appears afterwards has a floodgate key and a sickly piccolo music. Work your way out again. If you get lost in the walls, try heading to the left so you can see the walls again.

Leave, heal up as you see fit, and then head to the mountain. Head to the right and fight an enemy. Go north, and then get the contents of the chest.

Continue heading up and to the right, fighting enemies as you go. On the left hand side, you'll find two other chests. At the top, you'll find a device with a green switch. Use the key on the green switch.

Now, check out the cave to the west to find out that it's blocked by a tree stump. The cave to the south is blocked by rocks. Talk to the old man. Now, go back to the tiny village to find out that you flooded it. Go to the larger town and you will be accosted by the inhabitants. The hero displays a psychic power.

Now, make sure you have several healing items. Also, make sure you have some items which read HERONAMEsomething100. These refill your magic points.

Attack the jellyfish in the northern shed with your new spell. You'll have to scroll down to see it. Refill your magic as it gets low. Once you have beaten the boss, you will get 9 of something and a sleeping pill (accompanied by the piccolo.)

You suddenly fall and pass out. Now, you are a sumo wrestler. You'll lose this first battle.

Level up to about level 7, buy some healing items, and head to the forest to the north of the town to the right. Walk around in the forest to be taken into a special area. Attack the bear to the north for meat. Take the meat to the house with the billboards inside the second town.

At the house, you will be prepared some soup, and when you leave a yellow shirted man will comment to you. Now, level yourself up some more. Go back to the first town and talk to the manager who is walking back and forth. Go up to the cave, push the rock out of the way, and talk to the old man. Now go down the stairs on the right hand side of the cave, and go up into the mountain. Fight your way to the top and get the flowers.

Now, go back to the second town, buy some healing items, and wait till night ( alternatively, select the second option to sleep until nighttime at any inn if it's daylight.)

Go to the remaining billboard, and head to the left. Fight everyone who is willing, and then leave the slums. You will be approached by a man to join an underground fighting league. Play along.

Give the man downstairs the red flower, and then go up to fight in the league. Fight three battles. The amoeba man battle will take a long time, but you should be able to win it. Sleep in the bed to switch back to the kids.

Go to the second town, and hit the department store.

2F: Red beanie hat 120 M, Red headband 50M, ? headband 100M, Pink long shirt 160M, T? [some sort of shield?] 65M, [some sort of shield?] 100M, ? 60M, ? 90M, Red ? 60M

Wait till night, and then go to the slum town. Fight the first man to get a pass. Check behind the dog to open the passageway. Go down to fight the big foot. After the fight, the female friend of the sumo wrestler will rescue you. Go out and fight the steriod using man.

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