Rav (corvid) wrote,


Last night, I was working on some school stuff, and at about 1ish I finally crashed only to wake up about ten minutes later to a whumping noise. My mind finally recognized that the noise was the fire alarm when my room fire alarm went off. So, I got up, fumbled on a dressing gown, grabbed shoes and a coat, and staggered out of my room.

Mind you, I'm living on the seventh floor of a dorm. And there's snow outside.

So, I headed over to the dorm next door, and settled back to wait inside. Someone came in to tell everyone that one of the guys on the first floor set a fire, but it was already out by the time the fire people got there. R from my floor was pretty miserable since she was fresh out of the shower, and we headed down to the basement to wait it out in the warmth of the laundry room.

At 2 in the morning they let us back in the dorm.

The alarms went off again at 3.
And 4.

They didn't make us go back outside though.

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