Rav (corvid) wrote,

baking / packages progress list

If you're not on here, there's probably three reasons.

1. I have no idea where you are, and if you'd like odd packages of baked goods.

2. We built a house, and I'm just now finding things like the can openers from the boxes of packed goods. Amusingly, "Blue Bedroom Misc." is code for "cutting boards and knives" judging from what our packers did. "Bathroom" had some spices in it tucked amongst the towels. Therefore, I'm not up for random gifties since it's hard enough to get out and about for stuff.

3. My memory is about as good as cheesecloth on good days - what was I talking about again? Oh - yeah - progress -

Shoi's package - bread's baked, *semi surprise A*, cookies are started and need to be baked. Need to find a box.

Aster's package - cookies need to be baked, *surprise A*, *blatently obvious surprise B*

Teacher from School - Bread baked, cookies need to be done.

Gingasan - Bread baked, cookies need to be done, *surprise A* obtained.

Sometime, I need to post the recipe for Amazing Gingersnaps that I've got. It's a modified one off of egullet.com, and it's surprisingly edible.

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