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My thesis is sort of sitting there scowling at me. It's not that I don't know what I'm writing about. It's more a matter of getting all my quotes together and the time to write. Hopefully this weekend I'll find the time to sit down to work on it. I'll probably have the fun of showing how Helen's history is being used by H.D. as a way of challenging the idea that history is a linear path of known facts.

Try ( http://www.egullet.com ) for talk about food, cooking, and question and answer with various chefs. In the cooking section, there's a thread called "What's for Dinner" where the members post their dinners (both successes and failures).

Try ( http://www.mamster.net/food/ ) for a nifty recipe for curry (cut out the sugar if you're doing a semi-diabetic meal). Also, there's some interesting reviews of cookbooks.

Try ( http://www.thefoodmaven.com/diary/index.html ) for a plethora of recipies and discussion. This is the site where I found my nifty brussel sprouts recipe. And yes, brussel sprouts _are_ nifty.

Try this -preheat your oven to about 450, take brussel sprouts, preferably fresh, but frozen should work. If they're fresh, wash them and trim off any nasty looking leaves. You'll be amazed how well they clean up. Trim off the bottom if it looks icky.

Slice the brussel sprouts in half. Roll them in a bowl with oil, seasoned salt, and some pepper. Spread them out on a pan, cut side down, and pop in the oven. Set the timer for - oh - ten minutes. You want the brussel sprouts to be just starting to brown at the edges and for them to be wilted down a little like they're cooking. The bottoms should be crispy brown looking. If they're not, cook longer.

They are amazing. The roasting adds some deep flavors and makes them taste like an entirely new beast.

I think I'm going to promise myself a good hour to play with Idea no Hi this weekend as a reward.

Basically, Idea no Hi, or "Day of the Idea," is an old SNES rpg. The graphics aren't that fancy, but it does have a day / night system. Think of a less fancy Breath of Fire, and you have some idea what it looks like. The sprites are smallish without a lot of detail. Enemy graphics look like the result of taking LSD while being trapped in the car with two meddling aunts and listening to swing music for three days. ..... In plain English, they're weird.

Well, in truth, the whole game is weird. There's no obvious default for the main character's name, so I'm calling him Max. Max starts the game as a kid trapped in a lab. He looks a lot like a kid from Evangelion, only geekier. Appearently he's some sort of pyrotechnic, and his one true friend is a dog called something like Pess or Pesu. Or my ability to read letters is totally off.

Either way, the scientists have realized that Max's pyrotechnic abilities are stronger when he's mad (they've been trying electroshock on him) so they try electrocuting the dog. Max blows up the lab. Max then explores the lab, and finds a weapon - namely, a feather duster. He's wearing, by the way, this hospital gown top, a undershirt, a pair of hospital pants, sneakers, and underwear. The programmers set it that you cannot remove too many of his outfit at once, and you can't take off his underwear. I only knew which one was his underwear when I realized that Max was whining about me trying to replace it with pants.

Either way, Max and his feather duster head outside the lab, and you get a cheapo cut scene where Max rambles about things I can't understand. And then you can see the enemies of the game. All of them have humanish faces. There's a baby faced duck, a weird armadillo that attacks with his moustache, and a sandy mummy like thing. The battle system is like Earthbound where you have the enemies in the middle of the screen, and your character (with a portrait) at the bottom. Max makes some - interesting faces as he fights.

I'm hoping to sit down and work my way through some of the dialogue. Someone said they thought Max said something about Nagasaki in his conversation with Pesu, so I want to look into that.

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