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And now, for the other news - - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And now, for the other news - [Dec. 21st, 2004|01:12 pm]
Eee! It's snowing!

. . . Sadly, this won't get old for me.

Played some more of Idea no Hi via the gamefaqs walkthrough. I managed to arrive in what I'm pretty sure is supposed to be Mexico. Got a new pet (a sturdy little warthog) and then got arrested. Interestingly, the new character that they're introducing is this cheesy looking blond lad who is wearing just some pants, an undershirt, and boxers. And shoes, of course, but I've forgotten what. I promptly got him some better underpants, and attempted to use the boxers as a hat. Sadly, it worked - resulting in his eyes being hidden by said boxers. He, judging from the walkthrough, is a sort of theif type lad. He seems to be from somewhere in California (L.A. was nearby, as I remember) and there's some use of English in the town.

The hero's psychic powers are increasing as the game goes on at a much faster rate. He begins with heal and fire, and gets the power of curing poison and lighting rather quickly. Then, there's absolutely no advancement on his part until he's confronted by some townspeople and threatened. Then, he learns the 'mind pain' spell, and has been adding to that list fairly rapidly (he's now got a teleportation spell, and I believe he got something else which I've forgotten.)

The heroine is right now a pretty good fighter, which amuses me no end since typically the heroine is stuck playing the love interest healer type. Of course, her dialogue might be utterly cliche, if I could read Japanese. Interestingly, her parents seem to be dead, and I got to talk to their ghosts.

I'm starting to get the feeling that the game's title is a massive pun. Idea no Hi is translated as Day of the Idea on most of the sites I've seen. Hi, as I remember, has something to do with fire, which makes the pyrotechnics of the introduction amusing. There's apparently a villainess called 'Idea' in the game, so it could be Day of Idea.

Played some more of Last Bible III, and got utterly stuck. After the blue haired teacher lady was killed by a Frankenstein like monster, the hero's brother got trapped in this military installation. To get him out, I eventually figured out that you could use these werewolves. Progressing from there, I regained the magic using girl from the beginning of the game, and met the geeky inventor kid again. Now, hero's brother is having a pissy fit and wandering around a peacefull lake place, and there's a creepy ruin that I can't access because it needs a numeric code. I'm basically stuck until I have the patience to try to puzzle my way through all the clues. I've got a nasty suspicion that it's one of those things where everyone in town gives you numeric hints, and then you're supposed to add them up, or figure out the number they're not mentioning.