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FF8/Dexia Williams snippet - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FF8/Dexia Williams snippet [Feb. 21st, 2003|09:48 pm]
[Current Music |"Raven in the Snow" Ben Miller]

This is a random "day in the life of" an AU version of Williams. He's a Sorceress in the Final Fantasy 8 universe. Sorceress, in that world, roughly equals a wildly powerful, and frequently insane mage.

Williams, in this case, is sane. He's a small low powered Sorceress living in rural Centra.

The birds didn't want to work that day. Hunin was up early in the morning and pecking at the glass until Williams blearily opened it for him. Munin was already waiting downstairs near the kitchen window to be let out. Williams made breakfast listening to the voices of the ravens in his mind as they flew.

It was no surprise that they were up early. A rainstorm had blown in over the weekend, and this was the first morning that was clear and sunny. Williams took his morning coffee and his laptop outside to watch Hunin and Munin glide and to feel the wind in his hair.

Hunin and Munin were a Guardian Force. Just one, really, though there was two birds. Williams had met them down in the ruins - he had just turned a corner and practically fell to his knees in a flutter of dark feathers. They were lonely. And bored. And curious. So - they went with him.

Williams swallowed the last of his pills and finished off checking his mailing lists. Thanks to the storm, his satellite connection had been spotty all weekend, and the Lab had even called him up to complain that She couldn't contact him easily. She did that every fall. Called and complained about the storms. About the fact that he wasn't living close enough to the Lab. About how he was a danger.

She probably would have had a heart attack if she knew that he had Hunin and Munin. She'd want to analyze them. And look at them. And take them away from him. Hunin and Munin just wanted to peck her eyes out. Sometimes he dreamed about just raising a hand and hundreds of birds settling to pearch on everything and She'd just scream in fear and leave him alone.

He never took Hunin and Munin with him when he went up to the Lab.

He didn't want to live in the labs again. He was safe. He did everything they told him to do. He smiled and he was polite and all he wanted was enough funding to look at his ruins in peace.

Williams sighed and heads in to close the windows. He could get the stew started now, and let it cook on low in the oven while he was working. Then he could spend a couple of hours translating the last of that mosaic that he copied. Maybe play with the birds some. They were still fascinated with tin foil. It was a pity that the Lab didn't want him using magic. The birds might love to see a fire spell.

Williams rubbed his wrists feeling the lines of the Odine's bracelet through the fabric. He was safe. There wasn't any harm in having a low powered wild GF that probably couldn't even draw magic. There wasn't.

It just got so lonely sometimes.

Williams finished getting dinner set to cook, and then grabbed his bag of work. He called Hunin and Munin back to him, and the ravens reluctantly landed on his arms, and then vanished as they were absorbed back into his mind. He closed up the house, and locked the front door before heading down the winding path to the entrance of the ruins.

He was planning on working on the Shiva passages in the main hallway. So, he had his camera to photograph the complicated or faint stuff, and his paper and charcoal to copy the rest. With any luck he might get the rest of the east wall transcribed, and then he could start on the mosaic room that was interesting to Hunin.

Williams was curious sometimes what the stories he was translating were about. Some of the people in them - like Shiva, and Odin, he knew were GF's, but there was others. A diable, and the twins - or invocations of something that might be gods. Or not.

The main hallway was a long narrow room with a huge ceiling. On the west wall, an earthquake cracked the stone slabs and broke up the delicate mosaic on the floor. The eastern side was fairly undamaged. Williams set down his bag and carefully set his lamp where he wouldn't trip over it. The lamp lit a tiny circle of floor and wall around him, and the rest of the ruins were dark and silent.

Williams pushed his glasses up his nose, and started working.

[User Picture]From: white_aster
2003-02-22 10:17 am (UTC)
He's a small low powered Sorceress...

Seifer feels the need to nibble on Williams' ears and say that small's not a bad thing. "Hyne, you make yourself sound like a tiny, spell-slinging mouse...."
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2003-02-22 11:02 am (UTC)
Williams giggles at the image of a mouse with wings and glasses.

Is Seifer feeling a bit defensive of his Sorceress?
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