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Mrrm. [Jan. 29th, 2005|02:12 pm]
[Current Music |"Give Us Room To Roar" Ruth MacKenzie]

yukie1013 has been pimping Saiyuki related stuff at me. Which is great fun. ^_^

I've been playing around with the Card Universe stuff. I think I can evade having maps for the city, which is nice. Montague and Yvette need to be pissy at each other. And I need to get Dominique into the story.

I played a bit of Crusader of Centy - strangely, it just left me with an impression of a Zelda clone and made me want to play Valkyrie Profile again. Sometime I should blather about Valkyrie Profile and Xenogears. There's some neat dynamics going on with both games.

Went to local doctor, who earnestly asked if my parents were my siblings. I politely explained that no, my 60 year old parents were not my siblings. 40 years age difference. Aagh. Turns out I'm down with another sinus infection. Thankfully, it's not that bad of a one.

Dad woke up last night at about one in the morning, and toddled out into the kitchen with my mom. Apparently his blood sugar had crashed down into the 50's and he was in hunt of toast. We chatted a little and it was - really nice. The new house is starting to get that feel of being, you know, a house and not just a space. And I've found my missing boots, which is a start.

I think Mom's getting early Alzheimers symptoms. Her vocabulary's gone down. She's slurring if she gets tired. She can't remember stuff, and she just kind of zones out sometimes like she doesn't hear you. So - I'll be staying out here for a while. Need to get a job, and hope that things go slow.

If I act kind of down or whatever, well. You know why.