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DSL crashed about an hour ago and just came back up. Rar. Finished a… - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 11th, 2005|11:16 am]
DSL crashed about an hour ago and just came back up. Rar.

Finished a small shawl in Knit Picks Elegance using the Yarn Harlot Snow Drop shawl pattern. It's a .pdf file from the blog linked below. Two balls of Elegance on US 10's ended up with 2 1/2 repeats past the end of the chart with a gauge of about four stitches to the inch. I bound off with a US 11 needle, and had a smallish ball of yarn left. When blocked, it was a small capelet affair.


Knit Picks ( http://www.knitpicks.com/ ) is a site offering cheap yarn with natural fibers. It's interesting. I used Elegance in Barn Red, and it had the sheen and weight of silk. The color was a slightly orangish true red. The alpaca provided a bit of a halo and a lack of stretchiness, but it was a pleasure to knit with. The plies of the yarn aren't tightly held together, but it wasn't that splitty. Mind you, I was knitting lace on US 10's, so I had the advantage of using fairly large needles.

I'm now knitting the same shawl pattern on Sock Landscape yarn. I'm finding the varigation to be quite annoying. The yarn is much more tightly plied (good for the wear of the socks) but there's occasional loose bits of fluff - it's almost like a few plies had stray floof and it was plied together. The floof is small and easily removeable. Dye on the Cape Cod color way is nicely saturated and even. The beige color stands out, so I could see how the flashing would be annoying. The blue and green is nice and subtle, and the grey blue is an attractive shade when combined with them.