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Random lettery things - [Jun. 4th, 2005|09:07 am]
Random mewling letter from Yon to Vicky for yukie1013 set post trial, and another one set prior to the trial, purely for unnervingness. This is from an odd AU mixing Saiyuki characters with others.

Subject: Concerning Williams
To: "Miss Greene" [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: "Y. Iglesias" [j.iglesias@freemail]

Dear Miss Greene,

How are you and dear Trevor doing? I assume you are still 'friends', correct? It would be such a pity if cultural differences pulled you apart.

I have been trying to contact dear Williams, but I am afraid my letters aren't making it to him. You know how bad the mail from Lothmar to Dexia can be. Could you be a dear and ask him if those letters have arrived? I'm quite worried about him.

Has the white haired youkai stopped visiting Williams? Or are they still attached at the hip?

I do hope we can settle some of our - animosity and come to a more beneficial friendship.


Yonathen Iglesias


Subject: Ensui-san?
To: "Hou Ensui-san" [hou.ensui@houtou.mobile]
From: "will" [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was working as a secretary with the Dexian ambassader. We bumped into each other in the halls, and went back to my room for tea.

Assuming I've got the right address, and I got this e-mail terminal working, um - I was wondering how you were doing? And if you'd mind the occasional e-mail from me and . . . things like that. The Duke has me doing his e-mails for him since he's rather afraid of causing some horrible conflagration of errors. I keep apologizing to this machine when it beeps at me.

I hope you are doing well, and that things are okay back at Houtou. It's full summer here, but the storms haven't started yet to cool things down.

- Williams Evanheart

[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-04 04:49 pm (UTC)

Eee :D

Subject: Will, and etc.
To: 'Iglesias' [j.iglesias@freemail]
from 'Vicky' [12nightjars@comity.u]


We're doing exseptionally well, and it's kind of you to ask.

Will, Kage and Ensui are as happy as I've ever seen them. They're both at work right now. They've jobs at a library in the city, and since they (the library that is) just received a large donation of new material from Will, the library staff have decided to move everything to a new location. They've been waiting to do this for a long time as it turns out, and now they have the people and time to do so.

Ensui is setting up a catalogue system for them, so it'll be much easier now to find out what the library has on file, and where it is, and who is borrowing it.

Also Will and Kage are working on translating some old Midorianian folk-tales books Ensui bought at a used-book sale in Tenjiku. Dr. Nii is helping, since he learnt some of the language when he was young. He and Will think it's important to do this, because it helps fill in a sort of gap in the history of Dexia and Japan, and their history together. Also, Dr. Nii is talking with the head librarian a little about the feesibility of publishing some herbal lore texts and trading them. He and Dr. Huang have quite a big collection of that sort of thing, and so does Will's employer, but the thing is they're all incomprehensible to Dexians and Tenjikuans respectively.

Prince Kougaiji supports this wholeheartedly and he says Will's language studies are an enormous help.

Health-wise, again, Will and Kage are very well indeed. Kage's hand-tremble seems to have gone away almost completely. It still comes back when he's been lifting huge books about all day with Ensui, but Ms. Kat tyells us that's to be expected and he doesn't need to worry. He doesn't get motion-sick at all anymore either, and his left foot is completely fine! it's really wonderful.

Also, Will and Kage and Ensui aren't so skinny any more. I think it's all the crepes.

Sufice it to say...no, Ensui has not stopped 'visiting' and I don't think he is ever going to.

Back to Trevor and me, as I said, we're doing really well. Trevor's a full Peer now, and Peer Kaitlyn and Peer Thomas are doing an impeccabble job of settling things after the whole broohaha. As for me, I'm teaching a children's art class at the Church on Mondays, and the head librarian at the library where Will works asked me if I could help teach an English class on Wednesdays.

...That was a terribly long sentence and probably un-grammattical. I hope it didn't impact your comprehension of my letter.

I will ask Will and Kage about your letters, and tell them you were glad they are well.

-Vicky Greene

P.S. Trevor and I traded daggers yesterday. I thought you might be happy to hear that, too.
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-04 05:01 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Re. Will, and etc.
To: "Miss Greene" [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: "Y. Iglesias" [j.iglesias@freemail]

I . . . it is good that Will's health has improved. Have you asked him if my letters got to him?

Which library is this? Is this the Church's library? I suppose it was a pity job from the Prince. He is an old friend of Trevor's.

Traded daggers is - hm. I do hope that doesn't mean you're married to him. Claiming him as kin, I could see, but marriage is a grave and important step. Do you need an elder to discuss this - major life choice with?


Yonathen Iglesias
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-04 05:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Correspodence &etc.
To: 'Iglesias'
From: 'Vicky'

I asked Will and Kage if the letters arrived, yes. Kage replied in the positive but that's about it. Also he grinned. Maybe you wrote something funny?

The library I'm working for is in the City, and it's not owned by the xChurch. it's an independent building run by a civic organisation, and I don't believe it was a 'pity job' at all. English isn't easy to learn, and the librarian thought a native speaker could help.

...As for...marriage...that - um? I hope it will be an eventual thing. But not yet. I'm talking with the Prince about that, actually, and he's a wonderful person...

Regarding elders - my, my, was that a hint? If I didn't know better I'd think you wanted me to discuss it with you? Heeee~

Don't fret. It was just...it was a devotional sort of thing. Not...a marriage thing. Neither of us are ready for that yet but...someday maybe.

Take care, sir. It's supposed to be especially hot this coming week. Bleh. I hope the storms come soon...Ensui says they'll be lovely from the library window.

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-04 05:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Re. Correspodence &etc.
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Iglesias'

I see that he's still fantasizing about that - other self of his. Hrm. I was merely asking about his health and inviting him to visit. I'm sad that he's lost his manners to the point where he can't respond to a polite request.

Discussing things with the Prince is - is - appropiate, I suppose.

Has Ensui had any more 'accidents'? I hope he won't in the city. All those wooden buildings in the slums -

- Iglesias
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 03:31 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Bleh.
To: 'Iglesias'
From: 'Vicky'

Kage and Will haven't any use for your kind of 'manners' anymore, I suppose. People do change. In their case it has been for the better.

If they're too busy to keep up a corespondance with you, one can hardly blame them. Moving and re-cataloguing and re-organising a whole library is a very labour-intensive process after all.

To asuage your worries: Williams and Kageashira are both in very good health.

Ensui is, as well.

Ensui also says to tell you that bananas are attractive to moskquitoes.

Regarding the Prince - you seem not to aprove of this. Who would you suggest? I'll take your reccommendation into account.

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 03:59 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Advice
To: 'Vicky'

I was merely thinking that the Prince is from a foriegn culture and religion compared to yours. Or is dear Trevor insisting you convert? I do hope not.

Ensui . . . seems to be as non-linear as ever. Perhaps that mental damage impacted his overall sanity. He seemed rather fond of those pocket lighter things.

Either way, you can, of course, always consult with me about your concerns. Despite our little disagreement, I am your elder and experienced in the paradigm of Dexian politics. One must consider all the factors in a major life choice, after all. You could also try Cadmus Penthian, if you want an old fashioned Dexian view on things, though I warn you he might - look oddly upon your habitual choice of attire.

- Iglesias


Subject: Hey, Vicky?
To: 'My knight' [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: 'Thy bard' [t.evanheart@dexnet]

Just got an e-mail from someone called 'j.iglesias' using some freebie mail service in the Mainland. It seems to be Yon talking about the concerns of - bah. It's the usual. He slaughtered the spelling of Lord Kougaiji's name.

I'm escaping from my mound of paperwork via dumping it on Peer Aragain, since it's mostly his stuff anyways. Want me to bring you some tea and pastries from the corner cafe? Or should it be tea, pastries, and a damp towel due to pastel dust covered small kids?


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[User Picture]From: white_aster
2005-06-04 04:50 pm (UTC)
Hee. Neato AU. And of course, Yon would have "free" net, the cheap bastard. And Williams apologizing to the computer! <3
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-04 04:54 pm (UTC)
Ensui says: "The problem with those free e-mail servers is they're easy to cra--I mean...they often don't have good spam protection, so I can sign him up for all kinds of pr0n and send him pictures of Silvrams and geese and heeee can't do aaaanything. Mwa ha ha."
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-04 05:16 pm (UTC)
*snerk* Will so would.
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-04 04:50 pm (UTC)
Subject:where there's a will, there's a 'whee!'
To: 'will' [w.evanheart@dexnet]
From: 'jigen bakudan' [hou.ensui@houtou.mobile]


of course i remember you! - and the tea and cookies but mostly the conversation and the fact that you didn't go 'oh there's a nut' and go get nii and his butterfly net.

i should thank you again for the lack of noise thing. you know what i mean.

's funny but even writing to you i think i can hear it getting to be less noiselike and more...quiet? maybe it's all in my head.

that's the problem. all in my head. like, it's ALL in my head. like a nest of fizzing radios has migrated into my cortex. aiiieee. too much noize in me brainz.

it's stupid hot here too. so humid. so armpit-like. the lab smells like feet because - oh surprise! - the primary ventilation fan screamed and died and niiiiiiiiiiiiii won't let me get into it to fix it. he says it's not good for me to be wanderin' too much. dfhjgdfgjdfhhg what is he smoking!!!??? how does one wander in a stupid crawlspace full of cables and wires that one can barely squeeze one's narrow butt into?

i hate those stupid crawlspaces and those stupid stupid wires but if i'm the only one who goes in the stupid things then may i ask you who else is gonna fix the fan?

niiIIiIIiii still says i haven't been the same since the accident. maybe he's right. i didn't think he was right but i'm starting to think he's right. it's like

like something is missing in my head and something else got added into my head when i hit my head

static and whispers like a fuse burning toward a firecracker

i remember fire

nobody knows what exactly happened. wasn't anyone's fault. everything melted. got slagged. i'm lucky i wasn't burned worse but i don't burn - well i burn but i heal so fast from those burns.

it's like nothing happened

like i'd never touched anything

just burnt spots on the wall.

i don't remmeber what happened

only fire and then

this. and static

fizz fizz fizz

i don't really want to write about this. i don't want to scare you

i don't want you do have to leave like zakuro because i'm too deranged, demented and defunct.

i'm supposed to be getting better, not worse, but every day i'm more of a gong show.

i'm whining at you, sorry.

i really miss you.

thinking of cookies and of ye,

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-04 05:15 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re. where there's a will, there's a 'whee!'
To: 'Ensui-san'
From: 'will'

I . . . I'm not going to leave. I promise. Could you - I don't know, leave the lab and get some lunch from the kitchens and something cold to drink and enjoy some fresh air?

There's talk about sending another group of Dexian ambassadors to Houtou, and I'll try to get included in the group. I think Lord Kougaiji liked having me there, so he might be - um - he might remember me. Maybe. I don't know.

I'm glad I helped a bit with the noise. It was . . . it was really nice talking with you. You - understood me, and you were nice to talk to. I'm not just being polite. I really mean that - I enjoyed talking with you. And having tea and cookies.

Tr My brother is doing okay. He's moved back the Evanheart house in the City. He wrote me to say that it's really humid down there, and it's started raining about every week.

- Williams
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-04 05:44 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re. where there's a will, there's a 'whee!'
To: 'will'
From: 'el sparkidor'

that sounds good. the cold drink and all. huang-san actually gave me a pass to spend time in the greenhouse. it's more humid in there but shady under the trees.

trees kind of change the static sound to a leaf sound. ...or maybe i don't hear the static for the leaves?

kougaiji-sama does remember you. so does doku-san. he isn't good with names but he remembers you as 'the bright guy with black hair, the one who got my name right on the first try'. now, who else is that gonna be? hee.

and i really liked talking to you too. the understanding thing...

's a funny word. under standing. under. standing. standing under? like a flying buttress? oh great here we go - that word has 'butt' in it and i can't get my brain off that fact.

buttresses go outside though not in


no...outside too.


doric columns!

my brain needs a buttress, i think my walls are too thin.

i wonder if zakuro feels like this? getting everybody's...he hears everybody and i feel too much now. gyoki the jade bi her ladyship gyokumen-sama visits me and all i feel is

is like

claws and teeth and silk thread like

not like you feel byt thread

not a yukata


single thread like garrotes

like wires

wires are between me and everything else i think

too many, like when you plug too many things into one circuit and fuses blow and you have to go crawling down under the server hosts in those stupid crawl spaces where all the cat5 is having and ORGY and has made a NEST to replace fuses and hit the circuit breaker reset button.

...maybe after the accithing someone poked my reset button.

that might explain my data loss?

i fixed the fan. i wasn't supposed to.

got zapped. i'm fine though. it - i grounded out. i'm a lightning rod! but it was weird.

you know how i don't

how the burns don't

i heal fast. three hours after the ZISH and huang dragging me to her office for lvender compresses it wasn't a bad burn it was just like a sunburn and then

well, now it's gone.

it shouldn't be gone

i always healed fast from burns but now i'm starting to sort of see how other people see or i think i seewhat they see and

will, i think i am a giant freak.

but i'm glad you won't go even if i am a big freak.

i consider you one of my best friends and i'd do anything i could for you. anything you needed. like with kougaiji-sama.

i swore i'd be loyal to him and not her

mwah. i'm getting sleepy again. stupid meds.

gonna go crash a bit.

i'm glad trevor's good.

it's raining here now. storming.

gonna go see the lightning. then crash.

the storm cloud thunders

- da

- da

- da

gotta shut down or my compy might go zish.

peace and scones,

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-04 06:10 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re. where there's a will, there's a 'whee!'
To: 'friend'
From: 'will'

Which medicine is this?

Listen, Ensui, I think I'll be back to Houtou in at the most a year and a bit. If - if I can get back sooner, or - or - if it takes that long, where could I find you?

I'm . . . we're interested in seeing you again. It sounds like the noise is worse for you. Can you - can you try to avoid Nii for a while?

I swear if I'm back in Houtou, I'll try to - try to tell . . . you know what is wrong with w me. I don't care what the price is but - but you don't deserve to have that noise. And we deserve to - to - have something else.

Maybe Nii will leave you alone if - I should go, the Duke is coming back.

- Will
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 03:40 pm (UTC)
Subject: dukie.
To: 'w'
From: 'tomodachi'


in. cog. knee. toe.

i'm one microscopic cog in a catastrophic plan

can't blame me for conversing cog to cog.

both of us are getting used and it's unjust the ones who enslave us will know soon the depth of their sins when the burning of their desire and the burning of their lust and the

burning burning burning

everything is burning down

how's your toes?

i miss you.

i miss you i miss you i miss you and not just because it's loud. not just because you make it all stop and you make the whispering stop and you make it make sense

i'm in the labs almost all the time


she gyokum her ladyship the beloved gyokumen koushu says i can go outside soon.

weinthispalaceareallbutsparksprojections oftheperpetualflameofherbenevolenceandpower



the duke is coming back.

the duke is always coming early.

coming where he's not wanted

i hate him.

i hate liz too. she stinks of blood.

i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them i hate them

i feel sick

gonna go lie down

got a fever - all this blood pounding in my head is all i can hear

and the whispers

someday i will take the light of justice into my hands and bur to ash the ones who are wound they who are precious to me. i will laugh as their souls extinguish and their carnal bodies are rendered to nothing but white ash

we'll be free then

free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free

free free free free



even the word makes me happy

so do you

burning again,

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 04:21 pm (UTC)
Subject: Be carefull
To: 'Ensui'
From: 'will'

i'm going to try to contact nii and see if i . . . dammit, kage says that wouldn't work. you're not 'sui. you're ensui.

the toes are - much the same, really. kage's left ones won't curl, the duke gets pissy the duke is my friend.

the duke's talking about travelling up to houtou and getting there in winter. kage says this is a very very stupid idea, especially if you take the climate into account. The snow'd be everywhere. i don't see why he keeps insisting about reminding us. it's not like we forget overnight or something. i think he's just mad that his plans with trevor aren't working and i'm doing everything i can to stop him. thewinewasred

... sorry. just - kage's sleeping and i should be sleeping.

free sounds really good.



Subject: Returned mail 'Query about medical concern'
To: 'williams evanheart' [w.evanheart@dexnet]
From: 'Mailer Daemon' [mailerdaemon@houtou]


Message is duplicated below.


Subject: Query about medical concern
To: 'Dr. Nii' [nii.yionji@houtou.mobile]
From: 'williams evanheart' [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I am writing to inquire if it would be possible for a secretary of the Dexian ambassador to have a meeting with you concerning a minor mental health concern.

My apologies if you are too busy, but I was informed you were rather skilled in the field.

Williams Evanheart
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