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Random lettery things - [Jun. 4th, 2005|09:07 am]
Random mewling letter from Yon to Vicky for yukie1013 set post trial, and another one set prior to the trial, purely for unnervingness. This is from an odd AU mixing Saiyuki characters with others.

Subject: Concerning Williams
To: "Miss Greene" [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: "Y. Iglesias" [j.iglesias@freemail]

Dear Miss Greene,

How are you and dear Trevor doing? I assume you are still 'friends', correct? It would be such a pity if cultural differences pulled you apart.

I have been trying to contact dear Williams, but I am afraid my letters aren't making it to him. You know how bad the mail from Lothmar to Dexia can be. Could you be a dear and ask him if those letters have arrived? I'm quite worried about him.

Has the white haired youkai stopped visiting Williams? Or are they still attached at the hip?

I do hope we can settle some of our - animosity and come to a more beneficial friendship.


Yonathen Iglesias


Subject: Ensui-san?
To: "Hou Ensui-san" [hou.ensui@houtou.mobile]
From: "will" [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was working as a secretary with the Dexian ambassader. We bumped into each other in the halls, and went back to my room for tea.

Assuming I've got the right address, and I got this e-mail terminal working, um - I was wondering how you were doing? And if you'd mind the occasional e-mail from me and . . . things like that. The Duke has me doing his e-mails for him since he's rather afraid of causing some horrible conflagration of errors. I keep apologizing to this machine when it beeps at me.

I hope you are doing well, and that things are okay back at Houtou. It's full summer here, but the storms haven't started yet to cool things down.

- Williams Evanheart

[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 03:31 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Bleh.
To: 'Iglesias'
From: 'Vicky'

Kage and Will haven't any use for your kind of 'manners' anymore, I suppose. People do change. In their case it has been for the better.

If they're too busy to keep up a corespondance with you, one can hardly blame them. Moving and re-cataloguing and re-organising a whole library is a very labour-intensive process after all.

To asuage your worries: Williams and Kageashira are both in very good health.

Ensui is, as well.

Ensui also says to tell you that bananas are attractive to moskquitoes.

Regarding the Prince - you seem not to aprove of this. Who would you suggest? I'll take your reccommendation into account.

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 03:59 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Advice
To: 'Vicky'

I was merely thinking that the Prince is from a foriegn culture and religion compared to yours. Or is dear Trevor insisting you convert? I do hope not.

Ensui . . . seems to be as non-linear as ever. Perhaps that mental damage impacted his overall sanity. He seemed rather fond of those pocket lighter things.

Either way, you can, of course, always consult with me about your concerns. Despite our little disagreement, I am your elder and experienced in the paradigm of Dexian politics. One must consider all the factors in a major life choice, after all. You could also try Cadmus Penthian, if you want an old fashioned Dexian view on things, though I warn you he might - look oddly upon your habitual choice of attire.

- Iglesias


Subject: Hey, Vicky?
To: 'My knight' [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: 'Thy bard' [t.evanheart@dexnet]

Just got an e-mail from someone called 'j.iglesias' using some freebie mail service in the Mainland. It seems to be Yon talking about the concerns of - bah. It's the usual. He slaughtered the spelling of Lord Kougaiji's name.

I'm escaping from my mound of paperwork via dumping it on Peer Aragain, since it's mostly his stuff anyways. Want me to bring you some tea and pastries from the corner cafe? Or should it be tea, pastries, and a damp towel due to pastel dust covered small kids?


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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 04:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Re: Advice
To: 'Iglesias'
From: 'Vicky'

Good heavens no; Trevor's not pressuring me into anything. it's just...well, did you know that Dexian faith and the main faith of the Fey (or Yousei if you're more used to Midorianian-Japanese words) are very close to one another?

Lord Light and Lady Darkness are a lot like Himself and Herself, the King of Day and Queen of Night, or Lord and Lady of Day and Night by some translations.

So talking to Prince Gregory is much like talking to a priest of Himself.

Ensui isn't really non-linear - the non-linearity (I don't think that's a word) of that remark is my fault I was talking to him about Lothmarr because he and Will got some books from there one time and he says the moskquitoes there are huge, and that he found out the hard way that moskquitoes are attracted to bananas and people who have eaten said bananas! However, the oil in citrus skins keeps them away, so eat lots of oranges! :)

He also says Lothmarrian coffee is really bad.

The pocket lighters are more for fidgeting than anything. Ensui doesn't ever sit still. He's like a cat. If he had a tail the tip of it would be moving all the time.

And pocket lighters come in handy when there are lots of candles to light.

I will see if Peer Cadmus isn't too busy, and talk to him. I know he thinks I dress all funny but he says I have good manners and am an 'unusual and somewhat ecsentric but bright young lady' which is very kind of him. Maybe I can see him on a break, and invite him to tea?

In closing - well, then, Mr. elder of mine, have you any advice for me? :) I don't have any concerns really!

yrs. trly.


Subject: Eee!
To: 'My Bard'
From: 'Thy Knight'

Eeeee I was hoping to hear from you. You made my day!

Yon is e-mailing me a lot too. He is whining because Will and Kage won't write to him (he has the unmittigated nerve to call them delusional about having another self) and he went explody when I said we'd traded daggers. He immeddiately decided we were trying to get married and suggested that I talk to an elder - namely him - about it.

He's such a prat.

Anyhow, enough about prissy dukes who dress like tea cosies - tea and pastries would be wonderful. And so would a few damp towels in f




Sorry, Boris the Littler and Co.'s cat got on my keyboard.

I made some cinnamon bread and brought enough for a snack for everyone, too, so we can sort of make a small tea party of it.

Love you!


P.S. Ensui asked me to say hello. I gave him your e-mail address, and he asked me to tell you that he is planning to send Yon some pictures of geese. :D
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 07:33 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Re. Re. Advice
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Iglesias'

I shall . . . endevor to remember your advice regarding oranges.

I think you should be very careful, Miss Greene. Your irreverance shall hurt you someday.



Subject: Re. Eee!
To: 'My Knight'
From: 'Thy Bard'

Small tea party it shall be. (Slightly literal, considering the height of the Luciende children.)

I shall come bearing damp towels anon. There's these marizapan sort of pastries that I think I'm addicted too. Do you think we could make them on our own?

- Trevor
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 07:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject:All right, enough.
To: 'Yon'
From: 'Vicky'

I suppose you'd like to be the one who makes sure my ireverrence does hurt me.

Well, seeing as you're stuck in Lothmarr, and you haven't an Elizabeth any longer, you're very out of luck.

I am not afraid of the likes of you.

Further more, if you keep being a rude nonceso nasty I shall stop corressponding with you and you'll not be privvy to any more information on Kage or Will until someone else is nice enough to talk to you.

'Be carefull' yourself.


P.S. The fledgelings in the dining room of the Lunt house have learnt to fly. I fed them yesterday.

Will and Kage, like birds, thrive in freedom.


Subject: Tea, and thee!
To: 'My Bard'
From: 'Thy (Squeaky) Knight'

Hee. That's so. Well, we can eshew the table and spread a blanket under the big tree in the churchyard, and make it a picnick tea party? That way the Luciende brothers five won't have to worry about reaching the table-top.

Or about cats on the table.

Eee, marzipan. I think we could make those if we tried. Marzipan is almonds and confecktioner's sugar mostly, and I bet I can find a recipie book someplace. Maybe I can ask Ensui to look? He found a Midorianian cook-book and he's threatening to make us sushi if he can find the norri - norree - that kind of seaweed on the outside of the rolled kind...

I hate to cut this short, but there is a Johnathen the Littler requesting my help in getting the clay off his hands. I think his pot went awrry.

Love you.

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 07:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Re. Eee!
To: 'My Wing'd Knight'
From: 'Thy Inkstained Bard'

Please tell me you aren't teaching them how to throw pots with a wheel? I can imagine the destruction that could cause.

Blanket, check. Towels, check. Pastries in a bit.


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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 08:14 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: Pots!
To: 'My Luminesscent Bard'
From: 'Your Feathery Knight'

Ack! Not the wheel, not yet. They're too little to reach the kick-wheel at the bottom. Boris tried though?

It ended with him waving his feet at it for a bit and then jumping down to come make pinch-pots.

Pinch pots are easy: get a handful of clay, wedge it to get the air out, roll it into a ball, put your thumb into it, and sort of mush it into a pot shape. They're good for starting herbs in.

I made an army of cups for the trea-shop Will likes, too! They liked the mug I shoulder them - especially when the door slammed and I dropped it and it didn't break. :D

So I've got another sort of job-ish pastime!

I'll try not to get you clay-y when I hug you, o bringer of pastry.


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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 08:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: WHAT?
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Iglesias'


WHY ARE THERE PHOTOS OF GEESE? It claims it's from me! But I didn't send it!

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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 08:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: I don't know--
To: Yon and Geese
From: Vicky

I really don't know

I think maybe someone might have signed into your e-mail as you, sent you that e-mail - it can happen if you tell others your pass-word, or if your pass-word is easy to guess.

Who knows you the best? They're the most likely to have guessed, or signed in.

...Hee hee hee hee well at least it was a cheery e-mail!

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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 08:46 pm (UTC)

Re: Eee :D

Subject: HAR
To: 'yonnie!'
From: 'ensui'

heard about the avian infestation of your email.

just writing to send condolances.

perhaps the birds are mad that you offended their fearless leader?

in case you didn't get the hidden message, quit pestering vicky.



p.s. no, i did not goosify your mail, before you go accusing me. i have better things to do. like go get crepes.

and for your perusal, eher is a picture. this is the redecorated lunt house dining room, and a visitor.

[attachment:image "vickysilvrams_2.jpg"]
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