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Random lettery things - [Jun. 4th, 2005|09:07 am]
Random mewling letter from Yon to Vicky for yukie1013 set post trial, and another one set prior to the trial, purely for unnervingness. This is from an odd AU mixing Saiyuki characters with others.

Subject: Concerning Williams
To: "Miss Greene" [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: "Y. Iglesias" [j.iglesias@freemail]

Dear Miss Greene,

How are you and dear Trevor doing? I assume you are still 'friends', correct? It would be such a pity if cultural differences pulled you apart.

I have been trying to contact dear Williams, but I am afraid my letters aren't making it to him. You know how bad the mail from Lothmar to Dexia can be. Could you be a dear and ask him if those letters have arrived? I'm quite worried about him.

Has the white haired youkai stopped visiting Williams? Or are they still attached at the hip?

I do hope we can settle some of our - animosity and come to a more beneficial friendship.


Yonathen Iglesias


Subject: Ensui-san?
To: "Hou Ensui-san" [hou.ensui@houtou.mobile]
From: "will" [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was working as a secretary with the Dexian ambassader. We bumped into each other in the halls, and went back to my room for tea.

Assuming I've got the right address, and I got this e-mail terminal working, um - I was wondering how you were doing? And if you'd mind the occasional e-mail from me and . . . things like that. The Duke has me doing his e-mails for him since he's rather afraid of causing some horrible conflagration of errors. I keep apologizing to this machine when it beeps at me.

I hope you are doing well, and that things are okay back at Houtou. It's full summer here, but the storms haven't started yet to cool things down.

- Williams Evanheart

[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 04:21 pm (UTC)
Subject: Be carefull
To: 'Ensui'
From: 'will'

i'm going to try to contact nii and see if i . . . dammit, kage says that wouldn't work. you're not 'sui. you're ensui.

the toes are - much the same, really. kage's left ones won't curl, the duke gets pissy the duke is my friend.

the duke's talking about travelling up to houtou and getting there in winter. kage says this is a very very stupid idea, especially if you take the climate into account. The snow'd be everywhere. i don't see why he keeps insisting about reminding us. it's not like we forget overnight or something. i think he's just mad that his plans with trevor aren't working and i'm doing everything i can to stop him. thewinewasred

... sorry. just - kage's sleeping and i should be sleeping.

free sounds really good.



Subject: Returned mail 'Query about medical concern'
To: 'williams evanheart' [w.evanheart@dexnet]
From: 'Mailer Daemon' [mailerdaemon@houtou]


Message is duplicated below.


Subject: Query about medical concern
To: 'Dr. Nii' [nii.yionji@houtou.mobile]
From: 'williams evanheart' [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I am writing to inquire if it would be possible for a secretary of the Dexian ambassador to have a meeting with you concerning a minor mental health concern.

My apologies if you are too busy, but I was informed you were rather skilled in the field.

Williams Evanheart
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 04:35 pm (UTC)
Subject: niiiiii
To: 'w'
From: 'e'


i just

it's like it all slips through my fingers or something or my mind.

it slips though my neurons hasn't got the same ring to it

if you wanna bug niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii he is [nii.jianyi@houtou] or [otherrabbit@houtou] - the bunny of a different colour is his secret ninjamail.

he only gave it to friends

i thought i was his friend

but i think he's doing something wrong

i think he's not really trying

i don't think


he hurts my head


i don't know what he is

that's the whole point

the m ore i thi n k of it the mo re i re alise i don't know what he is at all

dammit something's up with my gift and i shorted out my ke y boa rd

no wonder i get called sparky

if he keeps talking about snow i'll kill him

i'll kill him and i'll

i'll find some way to keep you from dying

i'll kill him







burning burning burning burning burning



i am


i don't think i know what i am anymore

i am afraid

i sawi dreamed of the crawlspaces again and then nii told me relax 'sui and i saw


i thought i saw

there are wires in my head and i saw him move the wires around in my head when he came inside my head to rewire me and i thought

i thought

what if that's all i am is wires and nothing more


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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 05:08 pm (UTC)
Subject: Query about medical concern
To: 'Dr. Nii' [nii.jianyi@houtou]
From: 'Williams Evanheart' [w.evanheart@dexnet]

I am writing to inquire if it would be possible for a secretary of the Dexian ambassador to have a meeting with you concerning a minor mental health issue. I would be interested if the medical skills of your country might be able to assist me.

My apologies if you are too busy, but I was informed you were rather skilled in the field.

Williams Evanheart


Subject: it's raining here
To: 'e'
From: 'w'

We I wrote to Nii asking if I could speak with him.

You are not wires. You are not a lab rat. Or an experiment. Or just a weapon to be weilded by Lady Gyokumen.

I think Nii's hurting your mind, and if he is, I will hurt him. I could tell him a story. I know a lot of them. Everyone who's tried to help my other self has either gotten hurt for it, or left. I don't know what happened to Mag. I could tell Nii exactly what happened on January the thirteenth.

I could tell him what it's like for a friend to hurt someone else.

it's not fire, but it'll do. everything i know about the mind i learned from the duke, and he's a strict teacher.
We could bring his shields down to dust.

When I get to Houtou, I'll try to find you at the labs. Snow or no snow, Nii or no Nii.

i think i love you too

- Will
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 06:00 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re: Query
To: 'Williams'
From: 'Nii'

Seeing as we're experiencing some project slowdown due to one of our esteemed colleagues being temporarily out of commission - I'd be happy to meet with you, Williams-san.

At the risk of seeming rude - would this be with or without your employer? His grammatical liberties rather distract me from the matter at hand in favour of snickering immaturely.



Subject: summer storms at last-
To: 'w'
From: 'e'

it's lightninginginginginging


that makes me feel

i dunno


thank you. i needed to hear that i'm not only wires only a cog only a pawn only a weapon only a minor solenoid in a much much much bigger circuit threatening to burn out the worldwhat you told me

i won't go away.

i will not go away

and if yon thinks he can hurt me i'll hurt back.

if he touches either ofyou

i will touch him right back.

same goes for that

what did vicky call her

i think it was 'scag'.

stupid bitchass liz.

not a nice word but liz is not a kind and virtuous woman.

i'm gonna say what you can't. you can say what i can't. if one of us can't say it the other can. we'll make up for one anothers' weaknesses until we're all threeof us whole

yon is not your friend. you aren't fine. you're not happy.

and know what?

you have every right not to be.

it'll get better

you'll actually be fine and happy when i am finished with those damned gesuyarou

it'll get better i swear

i'll make it better i promise the duke is not a teacher he is a criminal

the penalty for his manner of crime in tenjiku is DEATH


he told me i need to learn to protect what matters because if i do not protect what i love someone will come along and take it away some murderer conqueror worm will destroy it


i can hear him in my head

will kage i think he's sad

you matter more than anything to me.

tell me if they hurt you

you'll defend me and i owe you for that

i'll be your samurai if you're mine

if i must i will kill him. i will kill them both.

i will burn them both.

nothing left but memory and ashes and both fade.

take care. miss you.

i'll wait for you. if i'm not there - i'll come back.

i will not leave.

< 3,


p.s. what happened with mag was not your fault

it was yon's.

always remember he is the criminal, not you, and he will burn for his sins
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 07:52 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re: Query
To: 'Dr. Nii'
From: 'Williams'

I will be alone.

I have not consulted with my employer about this matter. He believes his mistress can aid me, but I find that she has done little to help.

- Williams


Subject: thank you
To: 'ensui'
From: 'will'

what is this conspiracy you think you're part of? is she telling you to burn something?

nii is . . . sad? i wonder why. maybe he . . . maybe he knows that you're not happy and . . . .

This is important, Ensui. I need to know if Nii seems uncomfortable or too comfortable around certain people. Especially someone who out ranks him. It could be important. If he was your friend, and now - is - if someone is threatening him, it would be good to know who might be the suspects. It's probably just paranoia -

Thank you for the . . . thank you for promising to protect me. it . . . i owe you. don't worry about me getting hurt though. i'm not going to die on you. not if i can help it.

- will
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 08:05 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re: Query
To: 'Williams'
From: 'Nii'

Yonathen's mistress may claim she is a 'healer' but to be a healer one must first have more interest in mending than damaging.

She is as much a healer as a child is an aged sage.

I was going to request that she not come, as 'Sui claims she smells of blood, and it disturbs him

I look forward to speaking with you.



Subject: any time
To: 'w'
From: 'e'

i don't know

gyo dammit dammit dammitdammit

lady gyokumen values loyalty and power above all else and i think

she wants kougaiji-sama to be more like me like yon wants trevor to be more like you

nii is

he is afraid of zakuro.

he smarms at doku a lot. doku is much bigger than he and nii doesn't like bigger stronger people

kougaiji-sama he is plain rude to

i want to punch him every time he makes that stupid bunny toy squeak at kougaiji-sama

he's shagging gyokumenher ladyship gyokumen koushu

they're both lonely

i don't know if he's threatened.

i keep my promises. no matter what, i will keep this one. i'm not a liar. not a liar like yon. liars' words are the straws on their pyre and i'm the spark

in a week i can go outside.

there's a town

yuuja i think

there's dissent there and she wants it silenced

she wants me to silence it

she wants

she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants

she wants him

life is a fickle crapshoot. neither of us deserve this.

remember that.

yon's days are numbered. mark my words. his final countdown has begun.

yours sin lo

yours t


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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 08:13 pm (UTC)
Subject: I shall see you when we arrive. (n/t)
To: 'Dr. Nii'
From: 'Williams'

He thinks he smells blood because he does.


Subject: be carefull
To: 'ensui'
From: 'will'

i love you.

yuuja. we might meet in yuuja.
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-06-05 08:25 pm (UTC)
Subject: Meeting
To: 'Williams'
From: 'Dr. Nii'

I'll try to ensure that 'Sui is present for your visit. You seem to be a comfort to him, and far be it for me to deny a patient his joy.


P.S. i was deathly afraid of that. truth be told i smelt it as well. the bloodsoaked know their own and i am one

I'll pass that on to 'Sui. I was worried he was having olfactory hallucinations


Subject: yuuja
To: 'w'
From: 'e'

or just outside it?

it might be dangerous to be right in there

accidents happen

outside it by the gates?

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-06-05 08:36 pm (UTC)
Subject: Re. Meeting
To: 'Dr. Nii'
From: 'Williams'

It would be nice to see him again. I hope he is in better health.

P.S. it is your own f I see.


Subject: Outside.
To: 'e'
From: 'w'

Sure. Look for a short guy all bundled up with an overly cheerfull scarf. I'm not sure where the Duke will be. Or if our paths will intersect. I hope they will.

if need be, i'll do what it takes to prevent an accident. don't hurt me too much for it.

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