Rav (corvid) wrote,

Poppets writing to Vicky -

Because I couldn't resist the cute -


Subject: Thank you for the lesson
To: "Miss Victoria Greene" [12nightjars@comity.u]
From: "Boris" [b.luciende@dexnet.col]

Dear Miss Greene,

Thank you for the lesson with the pastels and the clay and the drawing and the birds at tea and we found that we had one of your teaspoons or it could be Peer Evanhearts'Evanheart's teaspoon afterwards. Should we mail it to you? Or should Gerrioth bring it to you?

Mother liked the vase very much. She says she will grow violets in it. I am not sure if it will hold violets because you need to water them, right? Or does the gwaze glaize glaze make that okay? If it doesn't, maybe we could try to make flower pots sometime if you're free. We could have cookies and tea and maybe Tobias's pot won't collaspe or crack when it gets fired in the klin kiln.

The Prince has our drawings on the wall of his office. I'm so thrilled. Kaitlyn was a naughty kitty though and she got pastel dust on her fur. We're going to try to give her a bath.

My brothers helped me with the spelling. I hope I got your name right.


Boris Luciende

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