Rav (corvid) wrote,

So, my neighbors (T and RM) are out of town. They want me to play with the dog, maybe walk her, and take the cats out for an airing.

Attempt One to Leash the Dog: Take leash. Have dog step on my foot. Reach for D-ring on collar. Get arm lightly bitten. Scold dog.

Attempt Two: Take leash. Pet dog's ears. Watch dog sit down. Reach for collar. Get sleeve bitten. Scold dog. Get arm lightly bitten.

Attempt Three: Have dog sit. Take collar. Find D-ring. Take leash. Get leash bitten and dog walking in circles to chase my hand. Dog whines.

Attempt Four: Take collar. Find D-ring. Take leash. Get hand lightly gnawed on. Scold dog. Dog bites at my shirt.

Attempt Five: Take collar. Take leash. Attempt to attach leash to collar. Dog lies down and tries to bite my sandels. Scold dog.

Dog did not get a walk.

In other news, it's 90 here. In the shade.
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