Rav (corvid) wrote,

Another shawl -

Finished Snowdrop shawl number two.

I had two balls of Knit Picks Sock Landscapes yarn and got about 8 full repeats with the last two having the start of a stockinette triangle. Needles were US 10's at about 4 stitches to the inch. I had very very little yarn leftover.

1. Pattem is quite easy to remember once you chart out what happens each row and how many stitches you should have to the left and right of your pattern (it runs 4 - 11 for two repeats of the pattern.)

2. The flashing isn't that bad. There's a barely visible beige zig zag running up the middle of the shawl, but you can barely see it.

3. Hate hate hatey hate variagated yarns for lace. It made it easy to estimate how much yarn a row would take, but I don't like it.

.... I started another shawl.

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