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I finally had the bright idea of checking to see if normal image tags worked on user pics. And they do. And, well, since I'm avoiding editing my conclusion of my thesis one last time, I'm blathering about pics.

Hat! My goofy icon. This one here is the main character of Idea no Hi. Idea no Hi is this little rpg for the SNES system. Your main character is a little pyrotechnic who escapes from a nasty lab (armed with a feather duster) and goes out into the world. I love the music for the game, and some day I will work my way around the spot where I'm stuck.

In the game, if you change your equipment, you get a little graphical thing showing what you look like. The main character is this scrawny geekish guy who doesn't fit anything you buy him. He also gets cranky if you try to take too much clothes off, and you can't take off his underwear. I found this out after realizing that the option I was clicking 'remove' on was not going away because it was the poor kid's underpants. You can buy him underwear to wear as a hat (which sadly does not appear in battle.) Your first hat is the puple beanie thing in the picture. Second one is an athletic sweatband that makes you look like a bad 80's rock star. I'm strongly tempted to do a whole series of icons from the game, but well - time will tell.

Aster's icon Fic bird. This one is a gift icon from white_aster. Raven, Rav, corvid, etc. are all usernames based off of a not Mary Sue really character. Raven, mind you, is painfully close to a Mary Sue, but she's fun to write and I try hard to keep her from being too powerful. The raven in the icon reminds me of The Raven Ring.

Kage Cuteness / Kage. Kageashira is one of my favorites in the Dexian universe. He's a bitter little bugger who doesn't trust anyone and wants you to know it. He's also adorably sweet and innocent if you can get him to trust you.

The image is a rough ink sketch I did one summer that I felt just had the smile and sway that Kage has.

Owie! Pain, owie, omg. This one is the disturbing face shot you get in Idea no Hi when you're attacked. I honestly can't look at it without giggling.

RedWing Default. Image is a variant of the Red Winged Blackbird taken from a birding book. I use this one for LiveJournal Support stuff and generic stuff since I think it's less - unnerving.

Owl Grace, Owl. This is a pencil sketch that was originally among some notes on Zohar, I think. It was my first icon that I uploaded.

Owl is a librarian from my Dexian stories. She's one of those sweet gracious women that you don't dare cross. I love sketching her since she tends toward Arabian clothing with all the dangly bits on jewelry and robes.

I'll never leave you Reiko. This is an image from Valis II. The background was orginally white, but I switched it to blue because it was just too bright. Reiko's hair should be red, but in this version of the game they made it pink. The blue haired girl, Yuko, is cropped out of the picture since she was shirtless at this point in the game. Admittedly you don't see much of her breasts, but better safe then sorry.

I loved this cinema from Valis II. Yuko's mother is killed by Megas who was holding her hostage. Yuko had surrendered by this point (and took off her uniform / shirt) and is amazed that Megas would betray her. Megas then threatens to kill Yuko. At this point, someone cuts off Megas' hand, and it is revealed to be Reiko. Reiko is supposed to be dead, but she says something about never leaving Yuko. After this point in the game, if Yuko dies, instead of her mother carrying her away, it is Reiko.

Not again. New dawn, gaming. This is from the MSX version of Valis II. Valia, Yuko's mother, appears and gives Yuko her mystic (and very uncomfortable) armor. There's also a gratuitous panty shot during the transformation sequence. Yuko's expression, amusingly enough, is almost 'Oh no, not again' during that scene -

Forgive me, brother. Williams. Williams in his war uniform is another pencil shot from my notes. I think he was on some notes about Joy Harjo or Ezra Pound. Can't remember which.

RAR Rar, anger, pain. Idea no Hi, again. This is the main character when he's attacking. I just grabbed it so I'd have a generic 'rar' pic. Haven't used it yet - which either means I'm rarely mad, or I'm just shy.

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