Rav (corvid) wrote,

Subject: Pottery!
To: b.luciende@dexnet.col
From: t.luciende@dexnet.col

Miss Greene says she's going to help us make pots again. We're going to learn how to make them using a bat which is some sort of plaisterplaster thing. It'll be really really fun. We'll be doing art too. With pastels and watercolors maybe.

We'll need to find our smocks for it. And to make sure that Kaitlyn doesn't get blue again.

What're watercolors?



Subject: Re. Pottery!
To: t.luciende@dexnet.col
From: b.luciende@dexnet.col

Watercolors are paints! I think. Our smocks are in the top drawer of our room. I'll ask Roland and Olivier to help fish them down.

Mister Trevor might be there too. He told me that Miss Vicky and him and Mister Williams were all doing some sort of trial thing against Peer Igwethiath Igwesiath Yonathen. So they might be stressed. We should be on really really good behavior.

Maybe Mister Williams will be there? He's really nice. He gave me a ride on his shoulders. And he did that for Miss Greene too. And she went all 'meeee'.



Subject: My knight?
To: Vicky
From: Trevor

I heard we were planning to take a break and do some art with the Luciende kids. Want to take Will with us? Or shall we just drop him off at Mag's bookstore and let him browse? He could easily spend the afternoon there, and Mag can probably con him into taking a nap.

Yon wrote me and wheedled that Roland (the older) was rude at the trial today. Bah.

Thy bard.

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