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Subject: Pottery! To: b.luciende@dexnet.col From:… - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 13th, 2005|12:05 pm]
Subject: Pottery!
To: b.luciende@dexnet.col
From: t.luciende@dexnet.col

Miss Greene says she's going to help us make pots again. We're going to learn how to make them using a bat which is some sort of plaisterplaster thing. It'll be really really fun. We'll be doing art too. With pastels and watercolors maybe.

We'll need to find our smocks for it. And to make sure that Kaitlyn doesn't get blue again.

What're watercolors?



Subject: Re. Pottery!
To: t.luciende@dexnet.col
From: b.luciende@dexnet.col

Watercolors are paints! I think. Our smocks are in the top drawer of our room. I'll ask Roland and Olivier to help fish them down.

Mister Trevor might be there too. He told me that Miss Vicky and him and Mister Williams were all doing some sort of trial thing against Peer Igwethiath Igwesiath Yonathen. So they might be stressed. We should be on really really good behavior.

Maybe Mister Williams will be there? He's really nice. He gave me a ride on his shoulders. And he did that for Miss Greene too. And she went all 'meeee'.



Subject: My knight?
To: Vicky
From: Trevor

I heard we were planning to take a break and do some art with the Luciende kids. Want to take Will with us? Or shall we just drop him off at Mag's bookstore and let him browse? He could easily spend the afternoon there, and Mag can probably con him into taking a nap.

Yon wrote me and wheedled that Roland (the older) was rude at the trial today. Bah.

Thy bard.

[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-07-13 06:40 pm (UTC)
Subject: My bard~
To: 'Trevor'
From: 'Vicky'

I think Will needs a nap. And some of Ann's enourmos cookies. He'll probably feel safer there; Yonathen's scared of Mag and Ann (the rotunde oaf) and less likely to bother him when he's there.

As for wheedelling about Roland - bah indeed. Roland isn't rude. Sometimes dry witted, or wrye, but he is not rude.

He wheedelled at me too. Aparently I am 'dissrupting and impacting the process of justice'. Whatever that's supposed to mean. It's not my fault he got too close to me and all i saw was that red and that hollow hollow place where he's supposed to have a heart or soul but there's nothing in him at all nothing at all

He's such a prat. And a nonce.

Next time Cadmus tells him off I shall chortle.


I'll see you at the church, and bring cookies.

-Thy knight


Subject: Paints
To: 'Boris'
From: 'Vicky'

Remember your smocks when we paint, you lot. :)

I know you'll remember, but even I forget smocks and brushes sometimes, so I just thought I'd write.

I shall bring cookies. Is oatmeal all right for all of you? I can make chocolate chip instead if somebody doesn't like oatmeal.

See you soon!


P.S. Kaitlyn-the-cat is not blue anymore, I hope?
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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-07-13 07:07 pm (UTC)
Subject: My knight~
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Trevor'

Oddest thing is that Will's trying to find an e-mail for someone in Houtou. I don't suppose you know anyone there? His messages keep bouncing.

*hugs* I love that you see truth. I love you and don't hate yourself for wanting vengenance. It doesn't mean you're blood thirsty or evil. You're just angry, and you have every right to be. And if Marcus dares to say you're not a real woman just because you're strong -

Sometimes, I think Kage's afraid of what you might see in him. I keep telling him that he's a good person, but I think it'll take time for him to believe us.



Subject: Paints, eee!
To: 'Miss Greene'
From: 'Boris'

We've remembered our smocks!

I hope you're not too stressed by the trial. Mother said that she thought Mister Williams shouldn't be doing it, so we're not talking to her because that's rude to say.

Is Mister Williams okay?

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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-07-15 07:13 pm (UTC)
Subject: Houtou and Will and Muarcus and so on
To: 'Trevor'
From: 'Vicky'

Eee! I think I know who Will wants to contact. His name is Ensui; he went through a period of ack under mind control but he's recovering fantasticly - the doctor I know there, Ramona Huang, is working with him. Ensui's mail is hou.ensui@houtou.mobile (mobile because it's his little wireless computer). I bet he'd be thrilled to hear from Will.

Re: the truth - eeee I am extremely pink now. And... thank you. It means so much to hear that. i just can't stand that red and yon implying that he had the right and liz had the right when they had no right - they don't see they've become monsters yon tried to talk about snow and cadmus told him to shut up. and marcus still thinks the summer house deboccle was some kind of torid three-girl affair. EW. but eugennia's getting angry with yon for hinting that it was all liz's fault. maybe they'll all weird each other to bits. bah.

Kage -is- a good person. He just...he's a lot like Kami. He was offtrack and did things he regrets because he felt at the time they were the right things to do. Or something.

Anyhow - paints tommorrow and ignoring Marcus!

love yours tr lo love,



Subject: Re: Paints, eee!
To: 'Boris'
From: 'Vicky'

Your mother is a good person - she tries her best to be I think. She just is somewhat oldfashioned and set in her ways, so sometimes she says things that are kind of rude because of being stubborn about that oldfashionedness.

Also, I think if she saw Iglesias's heart she'd not think Williams was doing something 'bad'. Iglesias is a large prat.

...Don't repeat that please. Especially not just to drive your mother dotty. Even though it might be tempting?

Williams is going to be all right. he's a bit nervous, and tired, but he will be all right. I'll make sure of it. So will Trevor, and Mag, and I know you five will definitely help. You help by beng kind to him, and helping him relax.

See you with smocks. :)

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-07-15 07:49 pm (UTC)
Subject: Houtou, etc.
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Trevor'

I passed on that e-mail to Williams.

Some evil part of me hopes they do all weird each other to bits. At the very least it might get Marcus to listen instead of trying to grab his next arguement.

I You do know I love you too, Vicky.

Thy bard (with a wiggly kitten in his lap. you have to come see them.)


Subject:To Hou Ensui
To: 'Ensui'
From: 'Williams'

I'm not sure if you remember me, but this is Williams Evanheart. We met a while back when I was in Houtou on a diplomatic thing with Peer Iglesias?

We . . . were wondering how you were doing.

Will and Kage
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[User Picture]From: yukie1013
2005-07-15 08:11 pm (UTC)
Subject: Kittens?
To: 'Trevor'
From: 'Vicky'

Kittens! Eee!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with wishful evil parts. ...That sounded a bit scandallous, hee.

Marcus asked me if I was wearing trousers when Elizabeth and Eugenia...and he didn't get to finish his sentence because Cadmus snored at him. I admit it. I laughed.

love you.

Thy knight, en route to kittyville


Subject: dkjdskjdfkjdsk!!!
To: 'will and kage'
From: 'ensui'

sfdglkj xcsdfliue456rk dlferfdgdfgnm



you guys - eee. excuse me a second while i remember how language works and stop rolling my chair around the office in a bizarre joy dance~!


i missed you guys. i really did. and i'm doing...i'm doing waywaywaywaywaywaywayway etc. better than i was last time.

if i weirded you out, i apologise. it wasn't - well, you know what was wrong with me. but now it's over! hate-free!

almost. i am still hating yonathen with the hatey hate of a thousand hatetacular hate...somethings. i've been reading about the trial on the houtou news feed and



i knew i hated--


i knew that bitch smelled like blood, too maybe we'll luck out and yon'll catch fi

i can't think of anything to say that makes sense.

i'm just glad you guys are free. and safe.

i have a confession to make though, and it is this: i seriously through about going all reeeaaargh huntah tomcat stabstabstab keeeell at yon and liz a few times when the collective id was poking my neurons a lot. because of what they did to you. it's like - you don't do that to the people i care that much about. mess with my friends, mess with el sparkidor. rargh.

but it's over now. no more id.

i still want to smack them. has yon got, like, a traditional paper mail address? i wanna draw geese and mail my matserpieces to him. harass harass!


it was wonderful to hear from you and wonderfuller (which is not a word shhh don't tell anyone omg) still that you're doing well and you're frickin' freeeeeeeeeee hellyeah.


i'm gonna go make some kimchee ramen in celebration, roll my chair up and down the hall like a fool, hug huang-san and tell HER the good news and tell nii, too, because he needs to frickin' smile. there -is- justice in the world, and he owes me mochi because i was right that there is. (no, we werne't betting on the trail, that would be shitty, but nii bet me there was no justice in the world because he's demented like that.)

looking forward to your next e-mail like whoa,

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[User Picture]From: corvid
2005-07-15 08:31 pm (UTC)
Subject: I know you won't get this till later -
To: 'Vicky'
From: 'Trevor'

And I'd be rude to suggest examining wishful evil parts in the privacy of the bath. Ahem.

Marcus is an idiot- argh. Pants don't mean you should be pestered by blood mages.

Oh, dinner tonight? Is fish. ^_^



Subject: Re. dkjdskjdfkjdsk!!!
To: 'Ensui'
From: 'Will and Kage'

I'm thrilled we're free and safe as well. we thought about killing him too. or us, but it's over now and we're free and - and that counts for a lot.

You're - everything's okay now with Nii? I mean, he's not being an ass?

Mail address is Iglesias, or if you want to be rude - Lunt Mansion, c/o Yonathen Iglesias, NE Moors, P.O. Station 24. I doubt sending him mail would be a good idea, but - his e-mail is j.iglesias@freemail

There is justice in this world. And we're free now and I don't care if there is a price. This is worth it. Everything's worth it. Just - yes.

I'm honored that we're a friend.

Will and Kage
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