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Cooking: Quick Cold Noodle Salad

This is a Vietnamese recipe. Sort of. It uses leftovers nicely, and is edible the next day.


Approximately two bundles of bean thread noodles. You want the cooked amount to fill a bowl nicely to feed about three people. Maybe 2 cups cooked? The uncooked amount should be holdable in one hand. Rice noodles would work. Cold wheat noodles would also work.

Herbs, green onion

2 eggs

Leftover meat

Dark green leafy veggie

Cucumber or matchstick bits of carrot or daikon? or radish?

Peanut butter, water, Oriental chili sauce or soy sauce, Oriental chili sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil for a dipping sauce.

Take your noodles, toss them in some very hot water, and let them soak. You want them to be rubbery, but tender. You can zap them in the microwave / pour some boiling water on them if they aren't tender enough for your taste. Let them sit.

Take the eggs, crack them, and mix as if you're making scrambled eggs. Add a small amount of soy sauce or fish sauce, or salt. Heat a pan with oil or butter or a mix, and pour the eggs in a thin layer. Lift the edge to help the liquid egg mixture flow underneath. Let them cook until the top is starting to balloon up a bit from the bubbles, and shake the pan to be sure it's free on all sides. Attempt to flip the pancake in one piece. If it fights you, fold as if making an omelet, and you can correct for this later. Elsewise, let it brown on both sides, and plop it on a plate. Wipe out the pan.

Take left over meat, season with soy sauce, sherry / Chinese cooking wine / sake / mirin, and ginger. Set aside.

Chop the veggie (we used Minatosanto from the garden, basically a dark cabbagey green) into half inch strips. Kale, chinese cabbage etc. all would work. Set aside.

Hack up the herbs - we used mint, basil, and cilantro. Roll the egg pancake and hack it into strips. Chop the green onion thinly. Kimchii is also nice here, but cut it last, since it messes up the cutting board.

Peel the cucumber, deseed, and slice. You can also marinate carrot in vinegar and sesame oil, or use thin slices of daikon / radish. A half package of tofu, diced, could also be nice.

Mix up your dipping sauce. You want 3 parts soy sauce to one part chili sauce, more or less. A dash of vinegar. A bit of sesame oil. Taste. It should be hot and spicy and too strong. I used a mix of Korean preserved soy beans in chili and sambal. The peanut sauce is water to thin your peanut butter, plus enough chili sauce to add some fire.

Now, heat your egg pan blazing hot. Add some oil, let it heat, grab a cover, and add the chopped dark greens. Cover it until the spitting cuts down, and fry until the greens are starting to brown. Add a tiny splash of soy sauce and stir. Now, add the meat, and just stir to cook off the alcohol and heat the meat.

Now, you drain the noodles and serve. I like noodles, meat on top of the noodles (so their sauce will flavor the noodles, and then eggs, crunchy bits and herbs. Drizzle on the sauce of your choice, add some toasted sesame seeds, and you have a one pan dinner.

Leftovers? Try wrapping them in lettuce leaves as rolls, or in spring roll wrappers softened in water.
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