Rav (corvid) wrote,

Three RPGs

Green Crystal was published by Compile in 199. Not that you can really tell this since it was for MSX-2, and looks - primitive, to put it kindly. It was, as best as I can find out, part of a compilation of games in Diskstation 32 (a sort of magazine.)

It's got a nifty introduction. You see this purple haired woman praying, a man kneeling and bleeding from his face, and then the typical cliche demony fellow doing a swoopy thing with his cape.

Sadly, the game has three strikes against it.

A: It's all done as a 3D maze. Think Phantasy Star. With more tinny music.

B: The difficulty level is fairly high. Levelling is a must.

C: The text is all teeny hiragana / katakana, which means that it's not that hard to recognize items, but it's hard to read.

It's worth it to boot it up and see the nifty intro though.

Moldarian is a GameGear game with a nice art style. The actual sprites are pretty par for the course for something like the Shining Force games on the same system, but there's some lovely head shots of the various characters.

Battle system is a bit annoying, since you need to press right when the character steps foward so as to actually take your turn in battle. Otherwise, your hero will dance back and forth and let the enemy wail on him. Using items / magic in battle involves pressing various directions once you've already done the 'yes, I want to fight back' thing.

The items buying screen is actually fairly comprehensible, which is a nice change.

I'm mildly curious how bad the plot is. You start the game with a guy with a silly hat, and soon gain a woman in green. She gets kidnapped by some sort of demony person while you're off dancing around in a cave. Ignoring the kidnapping thing, she's a fairly strong fighter.

Demon of Laplace / Diable de Laplace / Laplace's Evil Spirit is another interesting one. It apparently came out for SNES and TG-16, and, if I can get the files to work, I believe there's a MSX version. Sadly, it seems to be a double sided disk, and the common version of it doesn't seem to have both 'sides' in a manner that I can read. Bah.

I'm terribly curious to see if the MSX version has similar music to the SNES one.

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