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And I'm dreaming -

I let white_aster borrow my copy of Suikoden. I bought the game mostly because I saw it in a hint book. The cover and back looked to me like one of those three thousand and one character fighting games, and it was pretty cheap.

Well, I played the game, lost Gremio because Pahn didn't get healed before fighting Teo, and felt oddly - apathetic. Part of it was that I noticed quickly in the game that saying no did nothing. I said no every time I had a chance. I didn't want to go into battle. I didn't want to leave. I only said yes when I had to, or when it was morally obvious the right answer.

The amusing thing is - the guys I loved, were the ones that white_aster loved. I'm not sure what that says about me, or her, but there's a little swearing kid in the shadows with plot bits for me. And I'm here doing my thesis. a

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