Rav (corvid) wrote,

Mneh -

It's cold outside all of the sudden. I'm more then happy that fall's rolled around.

I've been playing a ton of ToME lately. Troubles of Middle Earth is a Rogue like game, only mildly easier thanks to more artifacts.

Artifacts are basically super weapons. There's randarts (random artifacts) and true artifacts. True artifacts can include famous Tolkein weapons like the Sting, or things of that nature. Randarts tend to be things like "Fiery Sharp Dagger of Slay Dragon." In plain English, the sword's on fire and it cuts things and it really likes to cut dragons.

I'm playing an Orc Unbeliever based off of Zizzo's Gatharka -


It's pretty fun. You don't have to worry about magic, which means there's no coding of macros for things like "zap enemy" or "check for monsters". I also love the fact that create ammo means you can turn rubble into ammunition for a sling instead of digging. Compared to a mage type character, I've got a lot of hitpoints and I'm doing pretty well, mostly thanks to an early find of a Dagger called Defender (see invisible, levitation, and a ton of resist elements). All my armor got eaten by a horde of something or another, but I'm slowly refilling my equiment.

Most amusing thing about the game is that it seems to follow the thing that all Rogue-like have - basically, on a full moon, your luck is better. Last full moon, I started a game, and discovered that the _first_ quest netted me a spear of Morghul. This is, btw, not a good thing. In fact, the thing was something like -12 on damaage and -15 to hit enemies, tons of other negative stats (Black Breath eating your hitpoints, an ancient Morgothian curse, a normal curse) as well. Then, once that version of her died, I started a new game, and a princess rescuing quest gave me a spear of - I think it was Morgoth. Which is rather rare, since she's supposed to dole out good rewards. I have gotten nice stuff from her though. She gave an Eru worshipping geomancer Narthanc (a dang good dagger) once.

We'll ignore the fact that said geomancer couldn't _use_ the dagger.

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