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14 out of 45 pages edited on thesis. Mwhee.

squashed mentioned a while ago that I don't post that much. I really should, but finals and all. I don't think I've even poked the Support boards recently.

Today was one of those days of joy mixed with an urge to punch someone. Lasted through my final class for the semester (not counting an optional review section for a different tomorrow). Had a lovely cathartic complaining session afterwards. Teacher for said class is a dear sweet woman who plain grates on my nerves. Good teacher, but - .... let's just say I don't plan on taking her again. She has .... issues. I don't mind issues, but I'm a student not your counsellor.

My finals don't look that bad since I've got a 4:30 and a 7 pm one (freshman year I had a 7:30 in the morning final, and one at 8:30 at night. It was winter and pouring down snow. It was surreal to sit and wait for that final watching the snow and conjugating Spanish verbs.)

Writing wise, I have a Trevor bit nibbling at me. (I.e. adorable cuteness.) I really should send Kage through the out_lines questions.

I'm tempted to make a custom friends group and post bits of my novel I'm working on. Anybody interested in being in that group if I do make it?

It's thundering outside. I love summer.

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