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Recipe - Chile Rellanos

Now, mind you, I'm working with roasted chiles from nearby Soccoro. If you don't have them - well - there's other ways.

This dish is sometimes done as peppers, stuffed with something, battered, deep fat fried, and then drowned in a sauce. Sadly, this then sogs up the batter, and it's pretty greasy.

You'll need about three peppers per person. Now, if you're pepper phobic, you, of course, can use less. Traditionally, you use poblano peppers (those long, usually pale green pappers.) Other peppers that work? Anchos (not dried), or another fairly thin skinned pepper. Bell peppers (not authentic) and japelenos have slightly too thick skin, but if you're desperate, you can try them.

You want to roast and skin the peppers. Simply blacken the skin (it should be blistery) by rolling them in a hot pan or by broiling them in the oven. Toss in a bag to steam, and then get a bowl of cold water. Pop the steamy pepper in the water, and then rub gently at the blackened skin. The de-skinned peppers can be frozen.

Start your oven heating to 375 - 400 degrees.

Take the tops off the peppers, remove the seeds and a lot of the ribs, and spread them out like a sheet of pepper flesh. Try to have enough to have one layer on the bottom of your baking dish, and one layer to put _over_ your filling.

Once you've measured your baking dish (I used about a five by five square one to feed two,) grease the interior of it so nothing sticks.

Filling options -

White cheese (asadero or mozeralla would work.)

Rice (rice, sour cream, minced peppers, salt, pepper - it should be a gooey mess. Not liquid.)

Now, separate - mm - for a five by five pan, I'd try 5 eggs. Have the yolks in one bowl, and the whites in another. Mix enough masa flour or flour in the yolks to form something like the consistancy of frosting from a plastic can (two tablespoons?) Add milk if it gets too thick. Salt the yolks.

Beat the whites until soft peaks form, and mix in the yolks gently. Spread a thin layer of this on the bottom of the pan, and quickly add the bottom layer of peppers. Add the cheese / rice, and then the top layer of peppers. Top with the rest of the egg mixture.

Bake until the eggs are set, and the top is lightly browned.

Variations - do the same procedures, but fill each pepper (with the tops) with a compressed log of cheese (just squish it with your hand). This looks very elegant when baked.

Serve with beans, and maybe some salsa. Reheats well.
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