Rav (corvid) wrote,

Playing around with lace

I've got a scant scrap of Shimmer (in a colorway called Morning MIst) leftover. I'm trying to make up a very teeny stole for someone with it.

Shimmer's kind of blah in the skien, but becomes very sleek and shiny once blocked. Sadly, most of the colorways in it make me go gack due to the strong color contrasts. Strong color contrasts in lace, btw, is bad since the pooling / zig zags / etc in the yarn can make your lace literally vanish in the mess of colors. Sublte heathering, on the other hand, seems to soften hard edges of lace and turn things into gentler curves.

I'm trying a pattern called Crest of the wave. It's basically a standard Feather and Fan / Old Shale pattern (basically, gently scalloping evenly spaced yarn overs and decreases) with the addition of a few rows of garter stitch. The bumps of the garter stitch makes the 'crest' of the wave. It's - going okay. Shimmer really hates being ripped out. Sadly, I think that I'd need betwen US 4 - US 6 needles to get a nice fabric. I was hoping I could go down to 2's or 3's but the fabric feels a bit stiff. I'm trying 6's and one repeat of the pattern.

I also hit up Michaels and grabbed some 75% off yarn. Got some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes (horrible name for yarn.) in Polo and Swish. Polo is a rich jewel blue, magenta, and some mottled pink / white / grey, and yellow / white / magenta patches. Swish is blue greys and brown. Interestingly, the swatch online for Swish is fairly dark and simple. Not sure how it will knit up. The yarn is striping in a sort of mottled manner. It looks a bit like someone sneezed while dyeing it.

Grabbed some of Target's cheapo knitting yarn (2 balls, buck a piece) and made some socks out of them. These'll probably go to shoiryu. Assuming I can plow past the ribbing.

I'm debating about making a pair of socks with lacy cuffs for MagKnits. I have this amusing image of lace tube socks, but I know that it'd feel horrid to wear them. Still - something in the round - lace - not a shrug and not a sweater. Sock cuffs, perhaps. Picot castoff if I'm insane. Also working on stole pattern. Stole is working nicely, just need to get the time to plug at it.

Did a pair of socks for a friend on chemo out of Knitpicks Alpaca / silk / merino blend. Hate the yarn (something in the gaurd hairs / unstretchiness /slightly mottled bits of silk), but the end result are sleek and pretty. 1 sock, 10 stitch version of Judy Gibson's toe up sock with modifications, shortish cuff, US 5 needles is about skien of yarn.

In other news, I'm almost off my antibiotics for my latest sinus infection. I feel a lot better. Still not sure if I'm well. Shall be hitting up an allergist to discuss surgery options. Fun fun. Tempted to go try to find some cheapo Playstation games / Playstation 2 games. Not sure if I want to go hunting.

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