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Milanese Lace Scarf - - Rav [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Milanese Lace Scarf - [Nov. 18th, 2005|07:16 pm]
From Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting patterns - a pretty spiralling lace scarf. Knit in the round. Could use the same princeple for sleeves.

For any multiple of 6 stitches, plus 2

Since this is knitted in the round, you'll want to cast on twice as many stitches as you think you need.

1. K1, *K4, K2tog, yo* Repeat until one stitch remains. K1
2. K1, *K3, K2tog, K1, yo* K1
3. K1, *K2, K2tog, K2, yo* K1
4. K1, *K1, K2tog, K3, yo* K1
5. K1, *K2tog, K4, yo* K1
6. *K2tog, k4, yo* K2
7. K1, *K1, yo, K3, K2tog* K1
8. K1, *K2, yo, K2, K2tog* K1
9. K1, *K3, yo, K1, K2tog* K1
10. K1, *K4, yo, K2tog* K1

(And sneaky personal notes - 8, 11, 14, 17, etc. Or, 10 with 4 added stitches, or 12 with 2 added stitches. )