Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kageashira - Questionnaire #1

This is a survey borrowed from out_lines. Kage is more or less an alternate personality created by a man called Yonathen and placed in Williams' mind. He's not exactly the most talkative sort.

1. Your Name

It's Kageashira. It's taken from this Midoranian folk hero. He was - a sort of anti-hero type. Many versions of him. Some nice, some not so nice.

.... I should mention that I'm a sort of - extra guy in Williams Evanheart's mind. We get along all right. Ignoring the fact that I tend to have foot in mouth disease.

2. Your age -

Whatever number is thirty-two minus eight.
..... No, I won't do the math myself.

3. Describe yourself -

Twitchy worthless wreck.
Kage, that's not an answer. And it's not true.
Fine. I look just like Williams. I'm in his body after all. I've got some problems from when my . . . former master, Yon, tried to make my body work faster. I can't smile right since the right side of my face doesn't cooperate. I look like I'm sneering, really. Toes on the right side can't curl.
..... Yon didn't like the fact that I didn't work perfectly. I don't want to talk about this.

4. Describe your mate (if applicable)

Williams sleeps with a girl called Raven. She - saved our life. If you try to hurt her, I'll kill you.
Your mate, Kage.
If I had one, I'd tell you. .... He'd probably be a guy though.

5. Where (and when) do you live?

Kage is from Dexia. It's a pre-steam medieval world. Dexia is a little island on it. You can find it here.

6. What's your favourite sweet? (It is so a basic!)

... No one told you this, but - Williams is fond of chocolate. And . . . I don't mind it.
I love it. Fine?

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